Northern lights

Sarah D


"He was a poet; and they are never exactly grown up." - J.M. Barrie

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Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated; I'm always open to improvement.
Thank you for taking the time to read my pieces and I hope you enjoy them.

Us and Them

February 7, 2016

We watched them descend from the sky like a storm. Their black expanse rumbled like thunder and the land cracked like lightening when they landed. We were scared. We were confused. We had never known an entity such as them before. We fought them. We fought them with guns and fists and fiery weapons from hell. The massacre, our massacre, left us fragmented and weak. The distinction between them and us became messier. What did it take to be human? A hand, an eye, a mind. Suddenly, we weren't human anymore. And they weren't aliens. We were all monsters. We became the monsters that we thought they were.

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  • Gail -u-

    This sir (or ma'am). Is a great piece. I love it. I like how you revealed the important information at the end(humans were fighting against aliens).

    over 2 years ago