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I have edited this piece quite a bit, and I would like to know if there is anything else I should change. Feedback is much appreciated!

Wishes in the Wind (Editing)

November 10, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt

    Have you ever felt like you have wanted something so bad, that you felt you wouldn't function without it? Like your life depended on it. Well, those are things that I like to call wishes. They can either come true, or not. My mom and I were very close, and she made me feel like anything and everything I ever wished for could come true. She put the hope and trust inside of me. She made me feel complete; human. Let's just say I wasn't the most normal person in town. Or anywhere. She made the humanity in everyone come out like it had never before. 
    One thing my mom and I would do since I started wishing for things, was she would make me write my dream on a ballon. No matter how stupid or childish they were; on the ballon they would go. We would climb out onto the rooftop of our old townhouse, and we would sit up there with our balloon, the hot black shingles warming us like marshmallows over a fire. The clouds told us a story as interesting as any TV show. After our episode of sky TV ended, we would look up at the sky and close our eyes, the balloon held in between each of our hands. On the count of three, the balloon was free, floating up into the sky. Our eyes followed it until it was a speck in the sky. Every wish I've ever had has floated up into the air, my mom by my side. Her smile as she watched the balloon seemed to push it higher. She was my partner in crime, my inseperable siamese twin. We did everything together. All my fears were lost with the encouraging words of my mom. That was, until her euphoria was washed down the drain. 

     I never liked my father. He was a pesamistic man, who always stomped on anything good. It was as if he specialized in depressing the world around him. A flower could wilt just by listening to his sorrowful tales of his terrible day. 'So and so got a raise for the work I did. My train was late and I didn't make it to the board meeting on time.' It was impossible for him too have fun; even just to smile. I never got why my mother fell for him. Although I am not one to judge, his looks matched his peronality. Every day the bags under his eyes and the frown on his face seemed to become bigger. It was impossible to avoid all this depression entering your life as well. It was the most contagioous disease known to mankind. It's side effects were worse than you could ever imagine; you got sucked into the black hole. No escape visable, no optimism up for grabs, no nothing. Just a life of solitiude and sorrow. Thank godness he's not a part of my life anymore. I would've gotten sucked into the black hole if my little kid personality wasn't there to protect me. But that doesn't mean he didn't scar other people. 


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