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Emotional Wrecks: Chapter Five

March 22, 2018


“Are you alright?” Alexander asked,”You kinda...scrunched up for a second.”

”What?” Danny said,”Oh, I’m fine. Say, who’s that girl over there?”

”Her? I don’t have a clue. She’s not in my class. Dwight, you know her?”

”Her name is Annabelle, I believe,” Dwight said,”I think she bought a package of gummy bears. What about her, Danny?”

“I don’t know,” Danny said,”But I have this nagging feeling, like I know her somehow.”

Alexander made a grunting noise,”Well, let me know if you need to figure anything out about her.”

”Right thanks,” Danny said.

Lunch was over that, and they went to their separate classes. After school however, Danny was pushed in the back of a car. When it stopped, he was in the Lucas High School parking lot, where he was taken to the gym.

This would be the first time Danny was kidnapped.


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