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March 21, 2018

PROMPT: The Unknown

I don't know why people hate SpongeBob.
It's crazy.
It's idiotic.
But it's awesome.
Just kidding. That was just a joke. I love SpongeBob (hence my profile name, picture and the endless ocean of memorabilia in my bedroom.) SpongeBob is a masterpiece. it's art.
Now I could talk about why Spongebob is awesome for another 50 paragraphs (that was the original plan for this narrative), but I think I need some evidence. Wait, I know. Ill write a poem.
It's created 2 epic movies.
Season 2 is groovy.
It contains famous songs.
This is where I belong. 
There we go. much better. the absolute perfection of a television broadcast AKA Spongebob has made Nickelodeon famous. even rich.
Yet people hate them.
They despise their existence.
They think Spongebob is a menace to the world.
Well then. THEY are a menace to the world. How about that?
Well, this has been fun. the constant moaning about Spongebob and how it sucks now, and how there's not as many episodes, but it's okay. Just don't tell me.

But hey. nothing is as bad as Adventure Time.

I HATE Adventure Time.


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