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Emotional Wrecks: Chapter Four

March 21, 2018


Soon after the whole Mustard incident, the kind people that wiped the witnesses memories had to fix the telephone pole, and find out what caused the incident.

However, we don’t have to worry about those polite gentlemen and women, instead we worry about Danny, who was in school, looking for a seat in the cafeteria. Luckily, Thomas offered a seat with him and his friends/student mafia, the Whitesuits. They apparently smuggled food that was against school  policy.

Eventually, Danny learned all the roles of the Whitesuit members. Thomas distracted people during smuggling operations, a man named Horace bought the snacks, Richard got the snacks into the school, Dwight sold and distributed them, and Alexander was the head of it all.

“So,” Alexander had said,”How are you liking it here?”

”Oh, it’s nice,” Danny said.

“You should consider our offer,” Alexander said, referring to him asking Danny to join the Whitesuits.

“What would I do?” Danny asked.

”You look like a strong fellow,” Alexander narrowed his eyes,”You’d make a good...debt collector.”

Suddenly, Danny felt an overwhelming feeling in his head. The source seems t9 come form a girl across the cafeteria.


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