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The Technical Guide to Being a Samurai: Chapter One (Part Four)

March 28, 2018


Chapter One: Becoming a Samurai (Part Four)

If you have avenged your master, then you are ready to become a Samurai. How do you this, you are not asking. Well, Samurai have gone through many social changes.

The original requirements for being a Samurai where:
 1. Has to be a man.
2. Has to be alive.
3. Has to be Japanese.

But since the found the founding of the United Samurai Organized Agency in 1974, there have been many changes to the requirements.

1. Can be either gender.
2. Has to be alive.
3. Can be any nationality.

With those large changes, a more broad range of Samurai appeared. What does this have do with you? You have to go to the USOA Headquarters near your location to get registired.

The first part is a physical test, which includes:

Long Jumping.
Triple Jumping,
Vertical Jumping.

I can’t divulge anymore for legal reasons, but be prepared to get stabbed. 

Next a a psychological exam. I can’t divulge the questions, but apparently killing the entire village isn’t the correct awnser.

If you pass, you will be an official Samurai. Congrats! We can now go on to chapter two.


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