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Heather Burt

United States

College Essay First Draft

November 9, 2015


One phone call started it all. It was a tuesday before we had to leave for religious education and I was in fourth grade. My grandma had fallen and her injuries would change her life but also mine. She had shattered her femur and moved her knee, which messed up the knee replacement surgery she had a few years previous. She had to have surgery, where they replaced her femur attaching it to what little hip bone they could save, also fixing her knee.
After surgery she was in pain, which was to be expected. However as the months went by the pain almost seemed to worsen. It was normal in the beginning, as it worsened she even started to worry.  She went to the doctors over and over again but, they said the same thing it was normal. They eventually did an x-ray where it was discovered that the femur bone had been rubbing against her hip bone and had worn it down to the thickness of a potato chip, giving it the potential of snapping at any time. Her second surgery was when I was in sixth grade.
No one could have guessed the extent that the surgery would be. After an eight hour surgery and fifteen pints of blood, my grandma was left with no bones in her left leg. They had to think of a way to replace her femur but have it not rub against her hip bone, also if she ever needed to have a hip replacement surgery she could still have one. After she left the hospital, she was not able to put any pressure on her left leg. She spent three months in Regency in Fort Gratiot.
During the month she was in Regency my mom visited her often. I had to help more around the house and with my brother. Even though he is only two years younger than me, I would help him with his homework and make sure he got everything ready for the next day before my dad would get home. I would often times start dinner or get things out for dinner. Not only did I have to grow when my mom was not home and my grandma was in the hospital, I continued to help out. Still to this day, I go out and help my grandma almost every weekend. I help her go grocery shopping and cleaning around the house.  


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