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the color yellow

March 18, 2018

PROMPT: The Unknown


I do not know much about the color yellow 
energy and happiness, perhaps 
but my happiness is never yellow 
my happiness is always blue 

so what is yellow?
an outlier amongst the dull of the other crayons
but in my memories not nearly as outstanding 
it exists only in small intervals of my life 
feeling more like a faded pale hue masked by other more significant colors

with yellow I am not well acquainted 
but my imagination is ahead of me and already crafting its persona 

yellow is almost always approachable 
possessing an alluring vibrancy
seemingly untamable but intriguing 
a beautiful creature incapable of domestication 
yellow is unruly, full of life 
deliberate in movement and manner 
indeed, it will never be domesticated 

yellow is many things 
yellow are the sunflowers in an endless sea of garden 
a garden i’ve never visited but can easily visualize 
it is beauty, it is livelihood 

yellow is the middle of the stoplight slowing vehicles down
maintaining order with a commandeering warning in between the red and green 
authoritative but also caring 

yellow is the banana you pick from the farmers market
fresh and ripe and ready to eat 
inadvertently representing growth and sustenance 

yellow is plastered everywhere, hidden sometimes
it is around you, right in front of you  
often taken for granted yet irrefutably indispensable

but still, I know not much of yellow and perhaps everything here is incorrect 



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