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July 25, 2018


The crickets chirp as I run down the stream and past the church struggling to not to wake my fellow town.Very tiny town ,but delicate and rushed  I knew I was not where I belong. Nobody wore what I wore nobody looked like me I was bullied and teased for my looks. I wore dresses my mom made I loved them, but I suppose other people had other opinions.My eyes were blue on the left eye, and green on the right, my hair was pale blonde with a side of a unique star on my forehead. Some how I made my way to the orphanage I walked in  not knowing  that a woman walked in, she did not look like a worker .But then, she stopped in the inside of the orphanage stood still for a minute she soon turned around while I watched her do this movement  she stood in front of me and said "whats your name when were you born and one more thing may i adopt you?" I stood there and slowly said " yes you may adopt me ,my name is Adriana and i was born on augustest 12, 2007. later that year my mom had died from a bomb attack at her work.         

                THE END.


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