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I've been writing short stories and poems independently for a while now. In fact, whenever I get the chance, I work on my short stories, for which I use the word "short" VERY loosely. I'm looking forward to seeing your opinions!

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Part 2!!!

Ashes of Aces (2)

March 17, 2018


[WARNING...?: The following story is the second installment of this story. Of course, that means that not much has happened yet. However, I might as well put this warning anyway, for the future and whatever. READ THIS STORY IN ORDER. Otherwise, later, it won't make any sense! It's like beginning to watch a show on NETFLIX, but starting in the middle of the series!] 

[SETTING: GLYTCH's mission briefing/meeting/conference room, or MBMC Room. Same day. 9:33am, five minutes after the end of the previous installment.] 
[The MBMC Room is a semi-spacious room, as any good MBMC Room should be. There are lots of different mediums of displaying information and planning and whatever in the room, including satellite feed on wall monitors, thermonuclear/viral energy fluctuation monitors on computer screens, and a big, round conference table with a built-in holographic projector. You know, the basics.] 
[GLYTCH is pacing in a figure-8 around the MBMC Room, in deep, concerned thought.] 
[GLYTCH (thinking)]: ACES... After all this time, they're still kickin'. This can't be good. 
[Right then, DAXXLAND NATHANIEL EARTHIUS, CHRIS's eldest brother (23 years old), walks into the room with urgency. DAXX is a very well-built man. He has jet-black hair (which is unique for his family, considering all of his 19 younger brothers have or had orange hair), blue eyes, and a scar across his left eye (but not touching his eye, just like GLYTCH's). He is wearing black sweatpants, steel-toed combat boots, and a white muscle shirt, accompanied by a black jacket. The jacket must have been tailor-made for him, considering how ripped he is. He's the strongest man in the world, after all (but he isn't really bulky, like Bane. His muscles look muscular, but normal, like a boxer). The jacket is concealing most of his mechanical left arm, but his mechanical hand is still visible (loooooooooooooooooooooong story there). DAXX has just returned from a very important, painfully personal, and highly classified solo mission in an undisclosed location. He would still be there, but GLYTCH's call was urgent, and ACES is a priority, so DAXX came back. Followed by DAXX is MAXWELL EARTHIUS (the only remaining of the two twins in the middle of the 20-brother Earthius family), CHRIS, VANESSA, ENDER, XAVIER FLAMINGTON EARTHIUS (VANESSA's personal royal body guard/captain of the guard, and the 3rd-oldest Earthius brother at the age of 21; CHRIS is the youngest, at age 13), JENNY, BRIAN D. GREENIUS (GLYTCH's friend that happens to be a ghost), VIOLET VONICINGTON (BRIAN's girlfriend that happens to not be a ghost), and finally, SKY. SKY closes the door behind them.] 
[GLYTCH]: "Daxx! Thanks for coming back from your mission on such short notice." 
[DAXX]: "Hey, you call, I answer. My mission can wait." 
[VANESSA]: "We got your alert. What's going on?" 
[GLYTCH]: "Everyone, please have a seat at the conference table." 
[Everyone sits at the conference table, in a way that makes it seem like there's a seating chart or something. There isn't, but they always sit in the same seats anyway. It's like an understood seating chart. There are a few chairs that are empty, and one of them, despite looking identical to the other chairs, is clearly for GLYTCH, who hasn't sat down yet.] 
[GLYTCH then sits in that chair.] 
[GLYTCH]: "Thank you all for coming. I know I said I would never need to use the Alpha-Charlie-Echo-Sierra-Niner alert, considering how long the name is, but, well, here we are." 
[CHRIS]: "Yeah, I've never really understood what those code names mean." 
[MAX]: "It's a phonetic alphabet, where each letter is given a word that starts with it, such as Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and so on." 
[BRIAN]: "So, refresh my memory: what does this alert mean?" 
[GLYTCH and DAXX make eye contact. DAXX nods once.] 
[GLYTCH sighs.] 
[GLYTCH]: "It means something from my past has come back to haunt us." 
[BRIAN begins to say something, but GLYTCH cuts him off.] 
[GLYTCH]: "And before you say anything, Brian, no. They are not ghosts, it was not a pun, and you don't have to exploit every opportunity to use a ghost pun just because you're a ghost." 
[BRIAN]: "...Wow, you got it all in one." 
[GLYTCH]: "ANYWAY, as I was saying... You all know that I've made some powerful enemies in the past. Fear, Terror, Project Argo, Samoht, Xander, just to name a few. However, there's one adversary that stands out as unique. Well, unique in comparison to the very unique ones I've already listed..." 
[GLYTCH pauses, anger and concern temporarily silently overcoming him. He quickly calms down, takes a deep breath, and continues, retrieving the burnt envelope from his jacket.] 
[GLYTCH]: "A few minutes ago, I received this envelope in the mail. There's no address on it, and I'm fairly certain that it appeared in my mailbox while I was looking in it." 
[VANESSA]: "Oh, like that pumpkin problem you've been having?" 
[GLYTCH]: "Yes, but kinda the opposite, since the pumpkins keep disappearing. I may do an experiment to test that--but regardless! That's irrelevant. Watch." 
[GLYTCH puts the envelope onto a scanning surface built into the table, and the holographic projector activates, projecting a 3D image of the envelope from the projector in the center of the table. GLYTCH adjusts some settings, and the image gets bigger, so everyone can see every detail clearly.] 
[GLYTCH]: "Look at the black seal on it. Any of you recognize that?" 
[MAX, XAVIER, and ENDER react with shock.] 
[ENDER (in his usual, quiet voice, but with concern)]: "That's the emblem for ACES..." 
[GLYTCH]: "Exactly. You see why I called this alert?" 
[SKY]: "Okay, hold on a sec. What the heck is ACES?" 
[GLYTCH]: "ACES was a criminal group that sprang up a few years back. In other words, a modern gang. You know how most gangs have a thing? Like, some kind of M.O., or calling card? Well, ACES had two. Playing cards, and burning things. So, naturally, their calling card would be a burnt playing card, specifically the ace." 
[GLYTCH removes the card from the envelope and places it next to it. The projector zooms out a bit, and the card appears in the projection.] 
[GLYTCH]: "Now, the ACES consisted of four people. Each one had their own special calling card that they would leave whenever they did an op. The person that did the op could be figured out by the suit of the card. If they were all part of this, then we would have four cards, one ace for each suit. However, we just got this one." 
[GLYTCH adjusts some settings, and the projector focuses on the card.] 
[GLYTCH]: "...The Ace of Spades." 
[SKY]: "Wait, how do you know all this?" 
[GLYTCH sighs.] 
[GLYTCH]: "You wouldn't believe me if I told you, so I won't. Anyway, the gang was called ACES for two reasons. First, the, uh, the card thing. Second, because of each of the members. They each had a last name that had something to do with burning things. Ashes, Cinders, Embers, and Smoke." 
[GLYTCH types something into a panel on the table, and the projection of the card and the envelope disappears, replaced by four profiles (like the kind you see in those detective/spy or cop/CSI shows).] 
[GLYTCH taps on the image of the first one on the panel, and the projection zooms in to just show that one.] 
[GLYTCH]: "Spencer Ashes, AKA Dagger Diamonds. He's the boss of the gang, and he's not afraid to talk with his knife instead of his words." 
[GLYTCH taps it again, and it goes back to the four profiles. He taps the second, and that one takes the projection.] 
[GLYTCH]: "Carlos Cinders, AKA The Clubber. He's the main muscle of the gang, and taking him on is like taking on the Hulk and Bane combined. Well, unless you're Daxx." 
[DAXX makes a short "hm" sound, a hint of a smile appearing on his face.] 
[GLYTCH taps the panel again, and repeats with the third.] 
[GLYTCH]: "Drake Embers, AKA Speedy Spades. He's the go-to hit-man-slash-assassin of the gang. If they wanted the job done quick, he was the guy. Nobody really knows how he does it. They just know that he's already done it." 
[GLYTCH repeats with the final profile.] 
[GLYTCH]: "And last, but certainly not least, Scarlet Smoke, AKA The Heart. She's the most dangerous of all of them. Cinders may have been the boss, but Smoke is the REAL mastermind. To this day, there's only been ONE case where only her card showed up, and that day, more people were hurt than in any other op." 
[GLYTCH makes a sweeping motion over the panel, deactivating the projector. He then picks up the card, looking at it.] 
[GLYTCH]: "For years, I had thought that ACES was gone, dead, kaput. But... This says otherwise." 
[MAX]: "You don't mean..." 
[GLYTCH (quietly)]: "...Drake Embers." 
[DAXX]: "Montoya, if that card's the real deal, then..." 
[GLYTCH]: "Then the ACES are back for more. Now, I called this meeting to warn you all to be careful. We've dealt with some pretty bad bad guys, but ACES nearly takes Samoht's spot for the top." 
[SKY]: "It's THAT bad?!" 
[GLYTCH]: "Yup. It's that bad. All of you need to be on high alert. ACES could be planning to attack at any moment. We just have to be ready. Okay, --[GLYTCH claps once, then continues]-- meeting adjourned. Now, you all can go back to your usual daily business, but just be cautious." 
[Everyone starts getting up and leaving. After a few moments, only GLYTCH, SKY, DAXX, and ENDER remain in the room.] 
[SKY]: "Thomas, I get the feeling you're not telling us everything. Seriously, how do you know so much about ACES?" 
[GLYTCH is silent. DAXX walks to GLYTCH and puts his hand on his shoulder.] 
[DAXX, semi-whispering]: "She's gonna find out eventually. Might as well make it easier for both of you." 
[DAXX then walks out. ENDER goes to GLYTCH.] 
[ENDER (whispering)]: "Glytch, just tell her. She deserves to know." 
[ENDER then walks out as well. Now, it's just GLYTCH and SKY in the room.] 
[They are both silent, but for very different reasons. SKY has her hands on her hips, tapping her foot impatiently.] 
[SKY, getting impatient]: "...Well?" 
[GLYTCH nervously tugs at the collar of his shirt.] 
[SKY]: "C'mon, Thomas. Why can't you just tell me?" 
[GLYTCH sighs.] 
[GLYTCH]: "Alright, but... Not here. We should talk somewhere less... conference-y." 
[SKY]: "How about the spot?" 
[GLYTCH]: "...That'll work." 
[GLYTCH and SKY leave the MBMC Room.] 

To be continued... 
Part 2! Now we know what the elusive ACES gang is, but why is Glytch being so secretive? What could he be hiding? What could ACES be planning? 


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