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Over the past year, I defeated a fear of other people, learned the value of clarity and brevity, fought writer's block, and developed pride in my words.

Now I am a writer with a love for onomatopoeias and an affinity for semicolons.

Message to Readers

My school had a walk-out on Wednesday.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

The Stay-In

March 17, 2018


   "Are you gonna walk out?"
   "No. I don't know enough about it. I don't want to support something unless I know everything."
   "I respect that. Makes sense."
   "Are you?"
   "I wanted to stay. I wasn't if I was going to be the only one, but since you're staying I will too."
   "You're the best. Thank you."
   "Yeah, don't mention it. Thank you too."
   "...and then there were two."
   "The classroom looks a lot bigger when it's empty, huh?"
​     *******
   "I wonder what's going on out there."
   "It sounds like a party."
   "...they sound angry."
   "I wonder how many of them know what they're yelling about."
​     *******
   "How long is this supposed to last?"
   "Seventeen minutes."
   "Oh, right. One for each of the victims in Florida?"
   "If it was just a memorial I would have totally been on board. Like, seventeen minutes of silence? That's something I can get behind."
   "Definitely. Me too."
   "You want to do our own couple minutes of silence?"
   "I'd like that."
​   "What is this thing even about?"
   "I think it's about revoking gun laws?"
   "See, that's the thing. I've asked at least ten people what the goal of this walk-out is, and every single one of them gave me a different answer. I don't like it."
   "Yeah, the emails weren't exactly clear."
   "Aw, I forgot to bring food today."
   "You want my banana? I don't think I'm gonna eat it."
   "...yes please."
   "How much time is left?"
​   "About five minutes."
   "Oh okay."
​   "What's up?"
   "We're gonna get some pretty weird looks when everyone comes back in and we're still sitting here."
​     *******
   "Hey, at least if we get ridiculed, we'll be ridiculed together."
   "Gee, that's reassuring."
   "I'm just trying to lighten the mood."
   "Shh, they're all coming back."
   "Welcome back, you guys. How was it?"


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