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The Greatest Unknown

March 27, 2018

PROMPT: The Unknown

I do not know much about what lies in the next day. Every second, every minute, every moment is a shadowy affair. There is no telling what would lie ahead. Even now, typing these words there could be a death or a rebirth happening, but then, how would I know? How would I know what lies ahead, what lies in the unforeseeable future? It is hard to write about what you don't know because even you do not know what you do not know. I was watching a video this time a while back and the host was saying that the more we know about a particular subject, the more we are aware of we do not know. So here we are, speculating and conspiring what the future may hold us, and the more we think and plan and organize what our next days will be, the more we are aware of what could happen that we did not plan. I do not know what will happen by the time the weekend rolls past. I do not know what will happen in the next few days. I do not know even what will happen tonight-- to me or anyone on this earth. We try to predict this unknown and sway the theoretical gods to make what is just happen, but the more conscious we become of what will become, we realize that fortune tellers are only guesses and we, ourselves, are victims of time and reality. People doubt fate, and honestly I as well, because we introduced the idea of free will into our society since we have this knowledgeability of what can become of our lives through choices. But everyone has free will, not just you or you or you or I so that we all are designers of this so-called life. We may have a plan for tomorrow using our personal free wills but someone else's may come along and bump it to the side. This is the unknown. It is unknown whose free will bump into ours and through us off of our undesired path. Someone's free will to commit that atrocity. Someone's free will to kill others. Someone's free will to bring new life into this world. So I do not know. I do not know what is coming ahead for me, or anyone of us. The future is scary, especially when you still have a full adulthood ahead, an age where free wills fight endlessly.  So... So in the end, none of us will know what lies in the next second, none of us will experience exactly what they want at each moment, none of us will be able to overcome this tremendous unknown. 
The video in reference is a Vsause video I was watching one night so I do not clearly remember what the video title was. I am pretty sure he was talking about the quote: "The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.” ― Albert Einstein. In any sense, my opinion still stands sound. 


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