Hannah Cornell

United States

Message to Readers

I was bored and wanted to write something from the viewpoint of an 8 or 9-year-old. Please feel free to give whatever feedback you feel is necessary.

I Do Not Know Much About Ghosts but I Know Who Snores

March 16, 2018

PROMPT: The Unknown

I do not know much about the ghosts in my house,
but I do know they are there.
Sometimes when I'm alone in my room,
I can feel them starting to stare. 
I try to ask them what they want - 
I mostly get no reply.
But occasionally in the dark of the night,
I hear them start to cry.
My mother thinks I am absurd.
My father doesn't know what to do.
I think if they could see the ghosts,
they would believe me too.
The ghosts used to be bad company,
causing chaos into the night.
But now that they have settled down,
I find them quite alright. 
They may not talk and may not appear,
and maybe they don't use the door,
But I do know one thing about my ghosts,
they aren't the ones who snore. 

By: Hannah Cornell


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