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Breath of Fresh Air

October 12, 2014

PROMPT: Wild Places


Trees tower at the side line. They just stop though and the rest of the land expands into vast beaches. It seems to stretch on without an end. Lake Superior unfolds it's clear waters in front of me. Waves gently beat against the rocks. That's all you could hear. That and the breathing, of the cold morning air. The water barely hitting the rocks along the shore. Looking out, the lake disappears into the horizon. With skies just as blue as the water at my feet, it seems endless. With the brisk air, the water feels normal. You could smell the freshness in the air. No toxic fumes from the rear ends of cars, no dirty city streets, miles away from the closest town. I could feel the cool sand beneath my feet. The small grains slid between my toes, leaving me walking awkwardly along the shore. The board walk down to the grainy sand, disappeared into the green leaves. I felt alone yet totally in sync. One with nature it seemed. I felt like my heart was beating at the same pace as all the other breathing organisms that drew in their air from the atmosphere. I felt at home. I drew in another breath, this time tasting the water. I could taste how clear it was. How perfect it was.


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