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By: WishfulKittyKat1


My breath quickened, and I ran faster.  The thing behind me sped up too, rustling against the stone floor, slamming into the corners I turned.  But it never stopped. Why was it following me?
I remembered a flash of light, a beautiful woman.  But before that? Just random pieces.
Dancing.  Crown. Servants.  
A rose?
I shook off the memory and the nagging thought that said the flower was important, and ran up the stairs.  This was the west wing, my wing. Where I slept, and where my father before me slept.
Why did it seem smaller?
The noise had gotten quieter, so I stopped to catch my breath. In front of me was a painting of a handsome man.  It took me a moment, but then I realized it was me. Why did I look sad?
I turned around and panic once again raced through my body.  There was a monster in front of me! It would kill me! I screamed.
But all that came out was a roar.
A roar.
I roared again, and the beast copied me.  Behind the beast, I saw my painting. I was standing in front of a mirror.
No, that was not my painting.  Never again could anyone remember that was me.  I sliced my claws through the painting, watched paint peel away from canvas.
What had been chasing me?  What would dare chase me, now that I looked like this?  What was not scared of me?
I looked down, and saw my tail.
Loud on stone, quiet on carpet.  I had been running from my own tail like a common dog.

Written for Monster Flash Fiction, but written too late!  Oh, well, I can still post it.  Please review!

Peer Review

"I had been running from my own tail like a common dog." This was quite the plot twist.

It's a little humorous by the end, but it still left me intrigued. Especially the part with the painting.

Who was he? What is he now? How did he become like this? So many questions...

Reviewer Comments

You really nailed the urgency in the first few paragraphs. The description of a beast, but in reality was his own tail. You've tricked my mind, and I loved how you did it, Hope to see more of your work in the future!