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A Conversation with my Future Toddler

November 10, 2015

PROMPT: Child Narrator

*A nightime Q&A*
We are people 
“What are people?”
People are the human race
“What’s race?”
Race is something people like to use to as an excuse to discriminate
“What’s discrimination?”
Discrimination is an excuse for ignorance
“What’s ignorance?”
Ignorance is an excuse for not knowing and being too prideful to admit it
“What’s pride?”
Pride is an excuse for insecurities that have been masked
“What’s an insecurity?”
Insecurities are the parts of you you hate, the parts of you you wish weren’t you
“What’s hate?”
Hate is an excuse for taking your fear of faith out on others
“What’s faith?”
Faith is believing in something when there is no guarantee that promise will be kept
“What’s a promise?”
A promise is not letting someone you care about down
“What’s caring?”
Caring is what we’re all so afraid of
“Why are we afraid?”
Because we could get attached and then it could be torn out of our hands
“What’s attachment?”
Never wanting to leave a moment
“What’s a moment?:
A moment is the rush of billions of thoughts racing to your mind but none of them matter right then
“What are thoughts?”
Thoughts are our way of coping with heartache and hardship and having a little friend inside of us, even when they bully us, they always know exactly what to say if you know how to listen
“How do we listen?”
We smile and accept everything as it is
“What’s smiling?”
It’s the best parts of our soul peeking through our skin and catching a glimpse of the external world
“What’s the world?”
The world is the animals and the plants and everything in between
“What’s left in between?”
“What are we?”
We are people.


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  • Paperbird

    This is amazingly brilliant I love it

    9 months ago