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I am a 16 year old boy living in Washington state. I love nature, dogs, writing, and drawing. I'm somewhat of a nerd, and I don't pride myself on being an amazing writer, but I try my best.

Message to Readers

I know a lot of people have differing opinions, but please try to keep it to criticism based on my writing and not my opinions. Be honest, though, This is my first speech, and it's only a first draft. Thanks!

Fight Back

March 15, 2018


I have this recurring dream. I stand in front of a group of people, microphones aimed at my mouth, the crowd cheering me on, as I give a speech. Despite my immense fear of speaking, I have always had this dream of becoming a famed speech giver, rallying together a crowd of people from all walks of life to a single ideal, not for manipulation or for self interest, but for the sake of a righteous cause. Being remembered not by the mistakes you've made or the money you've collected, but by the words you spoke, quoted for generations by historians and students. In light of recent events, I find myself thinking back to that dream. More speech givers are coming out into the limelight every day, with more and more ideas, all contributing to this larger cause of social reform and societal change. The works of Martin Luther King Jr, Abraham Lincoln, Patrick Henry, JFK, Winston Churchill, and so many more are still taught today, carrying their legacies ever forward, and inspiring thousands of students to rise up against those that aim to keep them down and those that aim to keep them ignorant. The generation we live in today is perhaps the most inspired of all time. Living in fear of crisis, death, and threat, all while under the rule of a boisterous, misogynistic madman. Our generation, one born into a time of mass shootings is so inspired for change, while the previous generations aim to keep us down under their thumbs, subjugating us to their outdated laws and prejudicial biases.  Our government has failed us, just as our entire country has. We can no longer sit in waiting, expecting those in power to fix the mistakes they've made. A war cannot be won by sitting. We must make change for ourselves. If the politicians do not protect our children, then march, protest, make your voice heard. The country is changing, and the old men still holding their seats in power cannot stop it. A wave of social change is washing over our country, and it will crash upon the shores of our Nation's capital, however an island is not broken by a single wave, we must continue to push, continue to fight, continue to make our voices heard, until that island of outdated ideals lies, sunken and broken, at the bottom of an ocean of reform. Yes, we've been through so much as a country, as a people, as a generation, but we cannot allow it to continue. We have to fix our country, so that our children can live without fear of being shot or silenced, and their children and  their children, and their children, and so forth. Our country, built on the backs of those less fortunate than us, exploiting those who work under us, treating those younger than us as immature, not based on their ideas or their mind, but based on their age. Well, I say it's time for that to stop. Students, witnesses of their own friends' murders, are being mocked and threatened because they are afraid to face their school again, knowing that those who can still hurt us are walking the streets among us, holding the very weapons that have killed so many. And yet, instead of fixing this, we cling to an outdated law, written when guns shot three bullets per minute, not 47. People are do quick to defend their guns, that they are willing to risk the safety of our future generations because of it. Great man once said "Your liberty to swing your fist ends where my nose begins." Our children's right to live superseded any liberty allowing us to carry our guns, and instead of us trying to find a way to keep our guns safe, let us find a way to keep our children safe. And so I end this speech calling all students to rise up, and fight for change, because if we don't, our country will continue to dig a hole deeper and deeper until we can no longer pull ourselves out. It is time for the laws to change, and the only way that can happen is if we make it happen.


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