Hannah Richburg

United States

I am a seventeen year-old high school senior. I love nature, photography, and writing. I am also an avid reader. I love all genres, but my favorite stories take place in new worlds. I aspire to be an author in the future, but I need to write more.

A Moon's Grace

March 14, 2018


I once uponed a moon in dark outer space
It glowed as vibrant as rainbow jewels cut
But the bright light could not hide a moon's disgrace
The bulkiness of craters that jut
Like speared bone and overgrown needled thorn
Wild rocks scattered across its surface
And great folds marked where nature's time had torn
I know that beauty is not a moon's purpose
But that moon was more beautiful than any I'd seen before



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1 Comment

    This is so poetic! I can see everything you describe here, it's so gorgeous!

    almost 3 years ago