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Hey! I’m an aspiring author with a love for words. I spend most of my time writing, singing, drawing, and basically wasting my time. I hope my works bring some joy to you!
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Just thought you deserved to know more about me. I'm a writer, musician, actress, feminist, foodie, and a fangirl. I write fan-fiction, but I also prefer writing fantasy, sci-fi, things that matter in the world, stories with strong female characters, and everything in between. Some things I like include: musicals, superheroes, the color turquoise, good books, tea, animals, travel, art, talking, and etc. You can count on my profile being a safe space for everyone. I believe everyone is a beautiful person, no matter what. The world is an amazing place, because you're in it!
♡ AbigailRose

Why do you write like you're running out of time?
-Lin-Manuel Miranda

There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.
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Forbidden Love Pt. 4

March 14, 2018


The year is now 1974. Theodosia and Philip have yet to see each other again. Their relationships seem to last on the series of letters they write each other. Theodosia's mother was unwell, as Philip has learned in his recent letters. The Burrs and Hamiltons both worry for Mrs. Theodosia. Sometimes Philip notices his letters are tear stained. Philip was re-reading some of Theodosia's letters when Eliza walked in with a letter in hand. "Philip! You have another letter."
"It seems Theodosia writes me a letter every day!" Philip smiled and took the letter from his mother hand. This one is awfully tear-stained, even the envelope is wet. I hope Theodosia is alright. Philip gasped at the first words of the letter.
Dearest Philip,
I can't comprehend the pain I feel in my heart. My mother, as you may know, her as Theodosia or Mrs. Burr, is gone. This letter is hard to even write down. I had hoped you could attend her funeral. It should be on June 23. I am not fit to receive letters at the moment. I understand you'd probably like to write back, but I'd like some time to mourn. Thank you.
Philip began to cry. "Philip? Oh no? Did she-" Eliza looked at her son with great distress.
"The funeral is June 23rd. We were invited to join." Philip put his hands on his head. Eliza ran over to comfort her son. Theodosia's death had the same impact on her, as it did to him. Eliza cried softly, with her son. Hamilton walked into seeing his family crying.
"What happened?", asked Hamilton. Unable to speak, Philip thrust an even more tear-stained parchment towards his father. His eyes quickly scanned the letter. "Oh, Philip, Eliza. I'm sorry." Hamilton went over to embrace his wife and son. "It's gonna be alright now," coaxed Hamilton, as if speaking to two scared children.
The family approached the coach. No Hamilton spoke a word this time. The ride was quiet and solemn. The younger children may not have understood death yet, but they knew better than to say something. The Hamiltons, dressed in black as dark as night, approached the cemetery. Philip looked around for Theodosia. He longed to see her again, and comfort her. Theodosia noticed Philip first, though.
"Philip!", cried Theodosia. She had obviously been crying, and her cheeks were a bright pink. Philip ran to hug his friend.
"I'm so sorry for your loss. Your mother was an excellent woman, no doubt," said Philip.
"As are Eliza and I. It is difficult to hear of her passing. She was definitely an excellent woman," offered Hamilton. He may not completely enjoy Aaron Burr, but his wife was a kindhearted soul. For her to be missing during his visits there would feel strange.
"Daddy's saying his speech. Come sit with me?" Before Philip could answer, he found himself being dragged towards the front aisle.
"It is hard to think that my Theodosia is gone," started Burr. A tear rolled down his face. "I loved her with all my heart. She made me laugh when times were hard. She was always there. You may say she was my only source of sanity. Then she brought my daughter Theodosia into our lives." Theodosia blushed as her father gestured towards her. "If I find this death hard, I imagine it is much harder for her. My wife and Theodosia were very close. For her to be missing from the rest of her childhood will be difficult. I hope God welcomes my wife into heaven. I can trust she'll safely watch over us from there. Theodosia, I love you. Goodnight my sweet." Burr dismounted the stage. The tears poured uncontrollably out of his eyes.
"Theo, go," said Philip. Theodosia nodded. She ran to her father, tears streaming as she did. Philip couldn't help, but to cry as well. His mother and father came to comfort each other. The whole funeral party was crying. No words could describe the emotions of that evening.
"Goodbye, Theo," said Philip as he prepared to leave. "I'm truly sorry. Please write again when you feel up to it." Philip kissed Theodosia's hand, which made her giggle. Burr gave Philip a questionable look. What the heck was that for Philip? You flirt! Great now her father wishes to hurt you. Just splendid! Philip blushed as he walked away. It was only a matter of time until everyone left. Burr advanced towards his daughter.
"I know you loved her very much. So did I. I don't know how we're going to do this, but I promise to keep you safe," said Burr. Theodosia smiled at her father.
"Thank you, Daddy," answered Theodosia.
"Speaking of keeping you safe, I'm gonna start now," said Burr.
"What do you mean by that?", asked Theodosia.
"That Philip boy is dangerous. I don't want you around him. In fact, you're investing too much of your time into writing letters with him. It must stop."
"What!", cried Theodosia. "Is this just because he kissed my hand. That was just polite." Theodosia then realized something. She stared up at her father. "This is because he's a Hamilton, isn't it. You can't let your stupid feud with his father prevent all contact with his family. It's unfair!"
"Theo-," started Burr.
"No. That's it. Let's go home." Theodosia stomped over to the coach. Burr sighed and followed her. What was he going to do with her?


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