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Kinda cringy when you read this--- well i found it cringy because for some reason i was never this passionate. Like entirely.


March 14, 2018


Okay, let me just say this: We Freakin' Matter

It's our voice and we need to speak out. That was the point of the Walkout, even reflecting the previous school shootings and the victims of each. I know that this doesn't involve my school but a speech was silenced at Cambridge High School. Our voices need to be heard for there are some students who need to say this, for they're passionate about it. Enough is enough. We are the change. We are the future. 

Sorry--- I just needed to let that out


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  • Deleted User

    You can say what you want without using crude language. I advise you to remove Freakin' from your first sentence. And then go and think about the idea that life is not a battle about who matters the most. I'm not saying you don't matter, but you can surely do something more than yell "We * matter."

    almost 3 years ago