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Hey! I’m Iris. Thank you for taking the time to read my works. Hope you enjoy!

Message to Readers

This is for those who have read The House of the Scorpion. If you have read it, any type of feedback is wanted. Character improvements, anything. I'm not much of a fiction writer, so critique me all you want. Thanks!


November 8, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt

    He was sitting in his wheelchair in his bedroom, book in hand. It was one of those nights where there were no clouds in view, and he was basking under the light that the stars made.
    "El Patrón is probably the most sly and cunning person alive." He smiled to himself. Yes. He wasn't probably the most sly person alive. He was the most sly person alive. From being the only one out of 7 children to survive his childhood, to making a deal with Mexico and the USA, to ruling Opuim, he was smarter then them all.
    Then, there were the clones and eejits. Those were his masterpieces. What better way to control people to actually control them! It was simple, just put a little chip in the area of the brain that gives a person their personality, and bam! You've got yourself a slave. And the clones. Though the clones, he could live forever. New hearts, new livers, kidneys, anything! And when his new body got to old, even when getting these implants, he could just implant his mind into a body of one of the younger clones. His reign would last for eternity.
    BAM BAM BAM! Someone was outside. "Tam Lin, is that you?"
    BAM BAM BAM! Someone. Not Tam Lin. He quickly wheeled his wheelchair over to the bookcase, and pressed his hand on the little indent on the shelf next to his prized encyclopedia set.
    BAM BAM BAM BOOM! The door was knocked from its hinges. A shadow slowly approached the room. El Patrón caught a glint of steel. The shadow turned slowly, surveying the whole room. Nothing was there.
    "Maldita sea!" Damn! The shadow swore. "Esperanza, he's not in here." His walkie-talkie crackled.
    "He's not?" A female voice. "Our sources swore that he was always here at this time of day. Okay then, Roger, fall back. Someone must have heard the noise and will come and investigate. Just hurry and give the antidote to the rest of the clones."
    Roger nodded, then realized that Esperanza couldn't have heard him, then gave a short "okay," and ran out of the room.
    About 30 seconds later, Tam Lin and Daft Donald ran into the room.
    "Mi patron! Are you okay?" Tam Lin scanned the room in sign of El Patrón. His eyes fell on the bookcase. "That sly old dog."
    That again. He was very sly wasn't he, thought El Patrón. But who was that Roger man who was carrying the knife? And that Esperanza woman... It hit him like a boulder to the head. 
Esperanza Mendosa!!! The ex-wife of Senator Mendosa. She must have been behind this!
    Suddenly, he was enveloped in a bright light. He looked up to see Tam Lin's face.
    "You gave us quite a fright there. Donald and I thought you had been taken. What happened?"
    El Patrón was silent for a moment. "There has been an uprising."
People who have read The House of the Scorpion: this is for you. Note: this is the first chapter of a very, very rough draft. Basically what is going to happen, is Esperanza had figured out a antidote to the serum that was given to clones to kill off their mind, and an uprising is going to happen.


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