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cold; (a dictionary of my own design part 3/?)

March 26, 2018



1. of or at a low or relatively low temperature, especially when compared with the human body.

2. winter is cold. your hands are often cold. your pinkies always get cold first and then your back starts to ache.

3. it's been a long time since you've felt warm, warm to the bone and you want to feel something that isn't bone-numb cold

4. your heart is cold, you think. if it's not frozen, then maybe it's just steel, but you'd like to think that your heart is frosted over and possibly could be thawed.

5. you wish she could warm you up. you remember how you felt when she kissed you, burning hot and warm to the bone. you wish you could feel like that again.

6. the water of the bathroom is cold, cold on your face. you blink away drops that aren't hot tears, you blink away drops that clean your burning face. cold is soothing
1. this is what the online dictionary gave me


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