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Hello all! My name is ASLpoet. I love reading Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, all things Rick Riordan, and Lord of the Rings. I also am a published poet, I love singing and I love to write!!!

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Please tell me how you like the characters, what I can improve on, and PLEASE any grammar errors!

First Chapter of Diamond in the Rough

March 13, 2018


Chapter 1 - Of the Dreams and the Deplorable
Olivia Camp groaned and rolled over in her bed, covering her head with a pillow in an attempt to block out the irritating noise coming from her alarm clock. She had been having the most amazing dream. She was on Wrigley Field, playing with the Chicago Cubs and was about to run through home base for a home run before...
She growled and threw her pillow at the  clock, knocking it off her nightstand. “Dumb clock.” she grunted, sitting up, brushing her choppy purple hair out of her eyes. She stood and stretched, slid into her too large flamingo slippers and trudged into the kitchen.
“Morning, Mom,” she yawned, scratching her back. Her mother was a slender woman with skin so pale it appeared transparent. Unlike Olivia, she was not rambunctious in any way, and she loved how their small town’s system of beliefs worked. She was a stay-at-home mom with no college degree, and expected nothing more of her life. Her daughter however, had other plans.
Olivia’s mom turned and smiled at her daughter, holding a bowl (one of her pottery collectables) full of chocolate chip cookie dough. “Good morning, sweetie.  What do you want for breakfast? Toast? Juice?”
“It’s okay,” Olivia said, opening the fridge, “I’ve got it.” She reached in, pulled out the milk bottle, and closed the fridge, drinking directly from the bottle.  Olivia’s mom glanced at her daughter, slightly repulsed, then sighed, “Go get dressed.”
Olivia pulled her thick hair into a half up, half down hairstyle, letting a few stray strands fall in her eyes.  She slipped into one of her t-shirts and stepped into a pair of bermuda jean shorts. She pulled up her combat boots and slipped her baseball cleats into her duffel bag with her bat and mitt.
She put on her backpack, grabbed her duffel bag, and headed out the door.  
“Bye Mom!” she shouted over her shoulder before she shut the door.  It was warm outside, and the sun was rising, painting the sky with shades of orange and gold.  Several egrets were strutting in her neighbor’s front lawn, and the lake behind the house was reflecting the beautiful sunrise.  
Olivia jogged to the house across the street, as she always did, and cut through Jessica’s yard to get to school. Harvey High was the one and only high school in the town of Citrus Seed, Florida.  It was enormous, and was made entirely of brick and metal, painted yellow and black, and displayed a copper statue of the school’s mascot, the Wildcat.
Olivia slipped through the thick bushes behind Jessica’s house, and walked around the large lake to the back entrance of the school, ready for another day.
“Hey,  Olivia!” exclaimed Sabrina Duncan, waving enthusiastically.  Sabrina was Olivia’s best friend since middle school, but the two were very different.  Sabrina cared about clothing styles, the current makeup trends (apparently it’s a dark lip with a “nude” face), and whether her breath stank from eating garlic bread the night before.  She was relatively short, at least a head shorter than Olivia, with long strawberry blonde hair that went down to her lower back, and vivid green eyes. Today, she was holding up a large sign that read, Volunteer for Citrus Seed Animal Shelter!  Help the Animals Find a Home!
“Hey, Sabrina!  I see you’re protesting for animal rights again,” said Olivia.
 “It’s not protesting; its advertising.  You really need to pay attention in English,” her friend scolded.
“It’s not my fault I can’t understand Mr. Hornback when he talks like he’s in one of those Shakespearean plays! Oh, wait. That’s all the time.” Olivia retorted, crossing her arms.
Sabrina rolled her eyes and smiled at Olivia’s remark, and then squealed upon seeing her boyfriend, a tall, muscular, auburn-haired guy with soft, brown eyes.
 “Kaleb!” she exclaimed, running over to give him a tight embrace, dropping her sign.  Kaleb was a junior on the Harvey High School baseball team. Not only that, he was team captain. Practically every girl in Olivia’s school had liked him, at least at some point in their lifetime, and some had the pleasure of dating him for five minutes. Olivia, not being one of those girls, did not understand what they saw in him.
She loved her friend dearly, but she couldn’t stand Sabrina’s boyfriend. In her opinion, he was an arrogant snob who cared more about himself than Sabrina.
“Kaleb,” Olivia grunted distastefully, glaring at him.
 “Hello, Olivia.  Going to try out for the team again?  You know it’ll be impossible, considering your reputation with fastballs.”
“That was a one time thing!” Olivia insisted.  “It only hit me in the face once!”
“And that’s why you should know girls don’t do sports.”
Olivia clenched her fists and was about to hammer him, but then Sabrina grabbed her arm and hurriedly said, “Olivia, he’s just playing around. Right, Kaleb?”  
“Yeah, just joking.”  He wrapped his arm around his girlfriend's shoulder.  “C’mon. Let’s get to class.” As they walked off, Olivia noticed that he gave her a smirk over his shoulder.
After the little spat with Kaleb, Olivia was not in a good mood.  Being on her way English, her least favorite class, definitely didn’t help her raise her spirits.  She stormed into the classroom, flinging her bags onto the ground underneath her desk, and huffed angrily, slumping down into her chair.   “Good day, Miss Camp,” said Mr. Hornback, not looking up from his copy of The Lord of the Rings.  
“Good morning, Lord Hornback,” groaned Olivia.
Mr. Hornback was a tall man, with long stringy dark hair, which was pulled back into a ponytail, and creepy ice blue eyes that seemed to stare into your soul. His pointed nose stretched out at least two inches away from his head, and he always wore medieval-style clothing. How he had a Saxon-era skull displayed in his classroom and made all of his students call him Lord Hornback, Olivia would never know. However, she did know was that he was her least favorite teacher in the entire school.  
“Gōdne morgen, class!” he said, taking his feet off his desk, setting down his novel.  
“Gōdne morgen, Lord Hornback,” the class echoed.  Olivia sighed and slouched back in her chair, picked up a pencil, and began to doodle in her notebook.
“Today we shalt be entering my favorite unit of English in thy 10th grade year, the art of writing literature.  So for the beginning of this unit, I shalt be assigning to thee a writing task.” The entire class groaned in reply.  “Hush now. Thou shalt find a major event in thy life and write a 30-page story in thy point of view, and for the rest of class thou shalt be contemplating what thy topic shalt be. Now, off you go!”
    Olivia sighed and threw her pencil down on her notebook, frowning so hard her face hurt. A 30-page paper was the last thing she needed before baseball tryouts. In fact, any homework that would take time away from her pitches and fastballs would not be good. She was so close to getting to getting on the team, she could almost taste the sweet victory, and almost saw the priceless look that would appear on Kaleb’s face when she would.
What her essay would be about? Olivia had no idea. About the most major thing that had ever happened to her was discovering baseball when walking by a little league game when she was six. But that story was nowhere near 30 pages long. Now, being the first girl on the HHS baseball team would be a pretty good story… And tryouts were today, so there was plenty of material there! As the bell rang to dismiss class, sweet fantasies filled Olivia’s head, just waiting to be fulfilled.


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  • ASLpoet

    Sorry, no. It's actually referring to a baseball diamond. But depending on the context, I guess it could be!

    about 1 year ago
  • izzi fynnheart

    This may be a stupid question
    But is the title of this piece “A Diamond in The Rough”
    A Hamilton reference

    about 1 year ago