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Lee Fudge

United States

I am in an age of apathy, this may be my way out. I mostly write silly and dumb stuff, but a want to write some darker stuff as well.

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The Bully Ending Academy: Chapter Two

March 13, 2018


Timothy and his mother made it to the academy, where they saw a woman.

”Hello,” The woman said,”Timothy Green, yes?”

”Yes,” Mrs. Green said,”My bright little man is here!”

”...Very well,” The woman said,”My name is Agatha Stern. Let’s go meet the headmaster.”

They walked down a hallway full of paintings of, presumably, the staff of the the academy. Of of the faces of the pictures was painted over, and the nameplate was taken off. They had a nice sword though. 

They made it it to the headmaster’s office, and inside, a man in mask was sitting behind a desk. 

“Hello,” The man said,”My name is Headmaster.”

”Headmaster who?” Mrs. Green asked.

”Just Headmaster,” He motioned to the chairs in front of the desk,”Now sit.”

”Erm, can you please take off that mask?”

”Do you wish for me to go into cardiac arrest?”

”No! Of course not!”

”Very well, let’s start the interview,”


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