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Derek Spanner, Detective: Chapter One

March 13, 2018


Derek looked at the dead body in front of him and wondered, “Why am I still wearing this shirt?”

He apparently said this aloud, because his assistant, Douglas, said,”All you other clothes are in the wash, sir.”

”Well,” Derek said,”That solves that mystery.”

”What about the mystery that we were hired to solve?”

Derek looked at said mystery, the dead body. Derek was hired to solve this poor old chap’s murder. The only thing Derek knew about him was he incredibly rich, because his family wouldn’t shut up about it. 

Speak of the devil, the client, Madeline Strauss, was explaining in great detail how rich he was.

”He was the fourth richest man in London, you know,” She said,”He made all his money in the humus industry.”

”Yes well, can you tell me his name?” Derek asked.

”Oh, surely you heard of him,”  Mrs. Strauss said,”You must have been in a coma if you haven’t!”

”Well I was in a coma, so please enlighten me on this man’s name,” 

Mrs. Strauss looked like she thought Derek was lying, but realized he was not.

”Miles Strauss,” She said,”That was name.”

”Thank you, madame,” Derek said.


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