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“Well you do enough talk
My little hawk, why do you cry?
Tell me what did you learn from the Tillamook burn?
Or the Fourth of July?
We're all gonna die”

Fourth of July - Sufjan Stevens


March 12, 2018


Lungs that fill and deflate
Taking in all that's evil,
Circulating it,
And letting it all out.
A new breath.

Colors that shift and change
Morphing blues, greens, and reds
Shades of orange
Lots of purple. 
A new perspective.

A red light
Then a green. 
A new beginning.

Her favorite color is purple. 
She smiles when she thinks of me
And I do the same.
She is making me a better person,
And I will sell my life to her. 
A new love.

No more betrayals.
No more lies.
No more drugs.
No more ruined friendships.
No more pain.
A new life. 
Recently, I have been caught doing drugs by my parents and am getting taken out of public schooling. It's time that I turn over a new leaf and improve myself.
I have a new breath, a new perspective, a new beginning, a new love, and a new life.  


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  • Haleistorm

    I'm happy for you. Truly. :)

    about 2 years ago