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I love writing. Writing can express feelings in many different ways. We can share what we wish without speaking.
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Percabeth-The Party Surprise

March 13, 2018


"We will be having a school party tonight at 7:00 pm. Everyone is free to come to Sound Long Island!" the announcements blared.
"YES!" Percy said in the middle of math class, jumping out of his seat.
"Sit down Mr. Jackson" said Mrs. Dodds who was secretly Alecto, one of the furies.
"Uhh yeah." said Percy embarrassed. Finally the dismissal bell rang and everyone hurried to get ready for the party. Lucifer was extra excited because this would be a perfect time to break up 'Percabeth' and take Annabeth for himself leaving all the girls to deal with Percy. He got on his best tuxedo and headed to the party. It was only 7:05 pm and almost the whole school was already partying. A Black limousine pulled up with Jason in a black and white tuxedo, Frank in a coffee brown tuxedo, Leo in a bright red tuxedo, Nico in his normal aviator jacket and ripped black pants, and Percy, in a baby blue tuxedo with his hair gelled back and a rose in his pocket like the other boys. All the girls cooed alike suddenly forming an isle for the handsome 'celebrities' to walk down. Lucifer and his group consisted of Oliver, Jacob, Katie, and Delilah (Oliver was dating Delilah and Jacob was dating Katie leaving Lucifer as the odd one out most of the time even though he was the leader). A white limo reached the entrance and everyone backed away. All the boys, except for Nico, turned around ready to greet their lovely dates. One by one they each got on their knees. Nico opened the door for the girls. First came out Piper in a stunning off the shoulder red dress with sparkling silver heels. Jason presented her with a diamond locket which he put on her and then they hugged. Next came Hazel in her short, knee-length golden dress with white stiletto heels. Frank's eyes widened and he stood up. Frank gestured for Hazel's hand and she put her hand in his. Frank pulled out a pair of golden bangles and gave them to Hazel who gave him a peck on the cheek causing the crowd to cheer. Then came out Calypso silencing the crowd as she walked over to Leo who gave her a pair of bright red, heart-shaped, ruby earrings which she happily took after thanking him with a kiss on the cheek. Finally, Annabeth came out beaming with pride in a really cute and pretty silk maxi, sparkling, silver dress along with glossy black heels. Everyone's jaws dropped and Percy almost fainted as he stumbled over. Annabeth looked like a celebrity and not the normal nerdy smart girl she was. Percy dropped on one knee and took out a box. Annabeth smiled really wide as Percy opened the box and presented her with a really expensive, fancy, gleaming, sparkling, diamond ring.
"Will you marry me Wise Girl?"
"YES I will Seaweed Brain!" Annabeth said as Percy pulled her into a kiss with everybody staring. The boys especially were looking at Annabeth and Percy held on tight to her as he noticed the glances.
"No way is that Annabeth" Lucifer said to his group of friends.
"Looks like someone's jealous" teased Delilah.
"Nuh uh"
"Oh yeah you ar-"
"Will you two quit bickering and think?" Katie yelled.
"Okay, so Lucifer you wanted Annabeth right?" said Jacob
"Well you should give her something even more expensive then Percy."
"Have you seen them! They pulled up in limos! I can't get one and they afforded two"
"How about you mix something in Annabeth's drink so she can excuse herself and then you take her away?"
"Oh yeah.." Lucifer smirked.
Everyone headed inside careful not to bump into the 'celebrities'. They walked off in their groups or with their pair. The 'celebrities' group consisted of four couples and Nico but still was really close together and inseparable. They all crashed on the couches inside and Annabeth got up to get drinks which is when Lucifer saw his chance. None of her friends noticed as they were cracking up at something Percy said. Annabeth was turned around towards the drink table and Lucifer's group blocked her friends from view.
Good friends Lucifer thought. I walked up next to Annabeth and pretended i didn't see her and luckily she didn't notice. Suddenly Percy started howling like a wolf and Nico and Leo joined in while the rest of them laughed loudly. Annabeth turned around and put a mixture of sleeping pills that cause nausea first into Annabeth's drink. No one noticed him as Annabeth was shaking her head trying to see what was going on. I gave my friends the thumbs-up signal and we quickly brushed along to watch and see what happens. Annabeth brought the drinks to her friends.
"Well this is really good isn't it" said Annabeth
"Duh. I doubt it would be this fun without me" Percy said winking at Annabeth
"AND MCSHIZZLE OVER HERE!" yelled Leo causing people to give strange glances.
"Cut it out Flamey" Calypso said scolding Leo.
"What is this anyways?" said Percy
"Well this is just some juice i found. I could only get apple juice cause the rest was alcoholic and we don't do that stuff." Annabeth explained.
"You sure about that?"
"I'm just kidding calm down"
Percy took a drink of his along with  everyone else. Annabeth took a sip and tasted something weird. She decided it was nothing and drank almost all the juice.
"Does this taste like normal Apple juice to you guys?"
"Yea... Does yours not?" Percy asked concerned.
"It tastes.. weird"
"You say that after draining almost all of it" Leo snorted.
"Not funny!"
"Lemme see Annabeth. I'll taste it."
Percy took the glass from Annabeth and tried it. He immediately spit it out. Lucifer and his friends were watching as a casual groups hiding their faces under their hair and hoodies. 
"Bleh! Annabeth you actually drunk that. Yours definitely has something in it. Are you feeling okay?"
"Probably her spit in the glass" muttered Leo
"LEO!" Everyone yelled while Calypso gave him a punch on the arm.
"Ow okay just saying!"
"I'll be right back guys lemme go to the bathroom" Annabeth said standing up.
"I'll walk you there. Never know what's lurking around here" Percy said.
"Percy, i'm walking like two steps away. What could go wrong?"
Annabeth walked over to the bathrooms and half way there started feeling nauseous. She stumbled and fainted but Lucifer caught her and brought her upstairs lying her down onto one of the beds. Then, Katie tied ropes around Annabeth's arms while Jacob tied her feet. Oliver got a key to lock the door and passed it to Lucifer before heading out with the rest of the group. Lucifer stayed behind to watch Annabeth.
Percy was having a strange feeling like Annabeth was about to get in trouble but he didn't trust his instincts. He did trust his heart though telling him that it would soon be too late.
"Hey Piper. Hasn't it been like 15 minutes."
"Annabeth still isn't back yet."
Everybody looked around real quick and shook their heads.
"You're right. Let me go check to see if she's okay. Be right back" Piper pecked Jason on the cheek before heading to the bathrooms. She entered and called out to Annabeth.
"Annaabeth. You in here"
No reply.
Still nothing. She checked all the stalls to find that no one was in there. Meanwhile Annabeth woke on the bed with Lucifer sitting at the end and her bound in ropes.
"Lemme go you mutt"
"Yea right i have been waiting forever."
"And you're still gonna wait forever. I'm always Percy's never yours in a lifetime"
"Oh now you will be"
Lucifer scooted closer to Annabeth who managed to sit up despite her being binded.  
Lucifer grabbed Annabeth's perfectly straight hair and pulled it back.
"Let's see your Percy save you now" growled Lucifer.
Annabeth took a deep breath. "PERCY HELP ME!"
As Piper was leaving the bathrooms she heard Annabeth's scream coming from upstairs. She rushed back to her friends.
"Oh hey Piper is she good?"
"Is she good? She just screamed your name and said 'PERCY HELP ME' at the top of her lungs. You tell me is she good?"
Percy raced up the stairs before Piper could finish. The rest of them followed up behind them but no one's as fast as Percy when he rushes to Annabeth. The door had been locked from the inside and Percy couldn't open it. He pounded on the door and tried breaking it with his shoulder.
"PER-" Annabeth's scream was cut short as Lucifer covered her mouth.
"Ow. Stupid girls." Lucifer said after Annabeth bit his hand. He pushed her against the bed and went to the dresser. He pulled out a knife and sat behind Annabeth, his knife at her throat as Percy finally busted down the door.
"Not a single move hero or she's dead" Lucifer said.
Annabeth was crying but trying to keep it together. The rest of her friends stood behind Percy except for Nico. Annabeth fought the urge to grin which wasn't hard seeing she was a knife point.
"Lucifer if you even give Annabeth a scratch then ii'm warning you right now that i'm gonna go in full blown rage and i'm not sure if even Annabeth would be able to stop me"
"Beat it punk you're no match fo-Ahh"Lucifer screamed as he was pushed off the bed by Nico who had tackled him. The Yankees cap fell off him. Percy rushed forward to Annabeth as Piper and Hazel helped him untie Annabeth. Piper took the ropes and passed them to Jason who with the help of Frank, tied up Lucifer as Leo closed the door. Calypso had gone to get some blankets with Leo. Percy took Annabeth's face in his hands and she leaned against his chest crying. He moved his hand through her hair smoothly as she calmed down a bit.
"Piper, Hazel, watch Annabeth."
"Ok you got it" Piper replied
Percy walked out the door and slammed it shut. Jason and Frank had just finished tying up Lucifer.
"What's wrong with him?" Jason asked. 
"I don't know" Piper said as she and Hazel comforted Annabeth.
Just then, Calypso and Leo entered with a bundle of blankets. Piper and Hazel draped them around a traumatized Annabeth.
"Why is Percy leaning against the wall crying?" Leo asked
"I'll be right back you guys stay here and watch that.. monster" Jason told his friends as Leo put a gag in Lucifer's mouth. Jason left the room closing the door behind him. Percy was looking up at the ceiling with tears streaming down his face.
"Oh hi Jason." Percy said quickly drying his tears and trying to muster a smile but failed so he kept a straight face.
"Percy, what is wrong with you? Usually you never cry especially not for Annabeth"
"Dude, what i just saw is gonna scar me for life"
"You should be comforting Annabeth not standing here crying like a baby!"
"How do i comfort her when i can't even get a hold of myself!" Percy said punching the wall leaving a dent and blood spewing from his fist.
"She is traumatized man. You should help her. You may be scarred for life but she's probably scarred for afterlife and this life."
"Okay i'm coming"
"Hurry please"
Jason came into the room with Percy coming in behind him. He looked down at the floor and saw Lucifer causing him to clench his fists. He rushed over to Annabeth who had a dry face but was still as a statue. Percy scooted closer hugging Annabeth tight. She was still a statue. She was frozen and a huge mess. Her once perfect hair was tangled in blonde clumps while her dress and rips and holes and pieces flying everywhere. Her ring was still on her hand which caused Percy to smile a little until Lucifer was making noises through his gag. Percy stood up with his fists clenched and walked over to Lucifer. He punched him in the arm dislocating his shoulder and kicked his ankle spraining it. Frank and Jason quickly had to grab Percy or he would be in jail soon. Annabeth still didn't move a muscle. Piper used her charmspeak to sooth her friend's nerves but still looked worried. Hazel stroked Annabeth's hair making sure the blankets didn't fall off. 
"Dude calm down you don't wanna go to jail!" Jason told Percy.
"I'd die for Annabeth as long as this creep is sent to Tartarus"
Annabeth suddenly shook out of her trance as Percy got free from Jason and Frank. Percy started beating Lucifer to pulp as he was tied up. Annabeth quickly got up, leaving all the blankets on the bed, and put her hand on Percy's chest. He stopped immediately and looked at her. She was trying not to cry and hugged Percy sobbing into his shirt. Percy kissed her forehead and walked her to the door. he realized that Annabeth's dress had lots of holes and there would be a lot of questions. Nico came up behind them giving Percy his aviator jacket leaving him with a black skull tee. Percy nodded and draped the jacket around Annabeth as they left the place. They got a couple of weird looks as Lucifer's friends rushed up to help their leader. Percy suddenly felt keys in his pocket as he saw bright neon green car perfect to fit him and his friends.
"Sweet" Percy muttered also saying a silent thank you to his dad, Poseidon. Annabeth sat in the passenger seat next to Percy who was driving. Piper and Jason sat behind them and in front of Hazel and Frank. Leo and Calypso sat in the very back with Nico.
"Wish we had more space." Nico mumbled. The car expanded with another seat which Nico quickly moved to so he could get away from Leo and Calypso. They drove off to their home where they all lived with Paul Blofis and Sally Jackson who also had a magical house that was able to expand fitting all the teenage demigods.
The Yankees cap is Annabeth's secret hat that turns the wearer invisible just saying. Love ya guys <3
PS. Be sure to read Percabeth-Highschool Nightmares or this might not make sense.
PSS. Magic Cars!


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