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By: camlily


i've never told you
that your words are like fists.
they hit me like bullets
b r u i s i n g 
my skin.  



i've never told you
how much the bruises hurt-
so much that death
is a better option 
than living.



i've never told you
that i don't want to be friends 
because friends 
don't hurt friends.

they don't roll their eyes.

they don't judge.

they don't throw punches.  

so if i ever do tell you these things,
please choose your words carefully.
they hurt more than you could ever imagine.


Peer Review

"that your words are like fists" because it reminds me that words are very meaningful and that we should be careful of what we say and who we say it to.

I feel like i understand the true meaning of friendship.

Could you give me your vocabulary brain cells por favor?

Reviewer Comments

ILY and always will you are amazing and i want you to know that i'm a lucky person since you are my best friend like a sister to me <3