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Back Again

November 8, 2015

PROMPT: Returning

It's just me, myself and I.

As I squeeze into this enclosed space, I breathe in the lavender scented packet that my mother had placed inside. The scent had changed. It used to be lemongrass.

Everytime I go in here, it's a completely different reason. It's been five years since I last visited this place. My legs are starting to cramp up, but it's alright. I love the silence that washes over me like the sea breeze.

The last time I came in here, it was to escape from my own problems. The overwhelming stress from the huge exam that would determine my fate even though now it was just a measly piece of paper that is probably decaying in the back of my cupboard. As I think about it now, it's stupid.

I don't know myself anymore.

Funny, isn't it? Like climbing into a closet would actually help me figure out who I really am, who I want to be. 

The wood creaks as I shift my weight, and it's getting really stuffy in here. I can hear my mum calling my name, but I don't want to respond. I squint when the closet door opens, and there's a scowl upon her face.

"What are you doing?"


"If it's nothing, then get out! You're ruining your clothes and you're way too old to be hiding in the closet."

I stare at my hands, sighing. I'll be back to hear your advice soon, closet. How should I find myself?

As my mother lectures me, my mind drifts off to the enclosed space.

Oh solitude, how I've missed you.


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