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rayures de tigre

March 12, 2018


the darkness threatens to swallow me whole
and your hands press into my shoulder blades
summoning wings that don't come

and then the sunlight wakes me 
giving me tiger stripes of molten gold
and setting fire to your necklace,
tower and clover alike

i can't tell if the stinging in my shoulders
is real or just a fragment of
a dream
for some way across the ocean 
to reach you

but the mirror shows no wings 
only chapped lips
(i haven't kissed you in a year)
and cracked skin
(i don't have time to care for myself anymore)
and chewed nails
(i never was a calm person)
and the necklace
that i haven't taken off in days

but there's a text from you
waiting when i
check my phone
you are my sunshine

and when my fingers type
my only sunshine
i can hear you laugh
and i can see you smile
and my tiger stripes
feel more like wings
than feathers ever could
la fin de toutes choses, jeanne


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  • elisa

    thank you loads!!!

    about 2 years ago
  • sparkdust

    oh my gosh this was fantastic!! the imagery fills me with a feeling of longing and it's just overall great!!

    about 2 years ago