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The Bully Ending Academy: Chapter One

March 12, 2018


“Well...well...well,” A voice said to a woman,”It appears you found another one, Mrs. Stern?”

”Erm, yes,” Mrs. Stern said,”He has...an ability.”

”Well, that’s what we all have here, huh?” The voice said,”Spit it out, what is this ability?”

”I can’t confirm at this time,”

”That’s bad for you, don’t you know? Shows incompetence. Find him, and send him here!”

”...I liked the old headmaster better...”

”I bet you do, now get to work!”

Soom days after that conversation, a high school student received a letter from a school he had never heard of.

Dear Mr. Timothy Green,

Congratulations! You fulfill the very special requirements of getting into out rather exclusive school, Jacobin Academy! Feel special, as we have an extremely low acceptance rate. As soon as we get your parents approval, you will be picked up and set to the campus, where you will meet our headmaster.

We hope to see you,

Agatha Stern, Recuiter.

Timothy's mother was excited about this development, despite knowing nothing about the school. She assumed that her son was rather academically suited for the school, and went to see the school while he dropped him off there.

It may be obvious, but Mrs. Green’s assumption about why her son was going to the school was completely wrong.


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