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* Feminist * Bisexual * Whovian * Besties with Emilie & Hadley * Loki * Iron Man * ENTP-T * Hermione * Draco * Music * Writing * Depression * Alopecia * Singer * Swimming * Dancing *

Message from Writer

I want to call out to my best friends Emilie(Aussie23) and Hadley(BlueWriter). They are amazing people who have inspired me to do better in my life everyday. They have given a real purpose to my life and they have always been there for me. I could not be more grateful. I do not deserve the love that they give me.
Both of you have got me through the most difficult parts of my life and I am eternally thankful for that. Life can be a real struggle sometimes.
I also want to thank everyone on Write the World who has followed me, reviewed my work, and liked my work. I love you all and I would not be here right now without you. Keep up the amazing work.
Tom Hiddleston: Thank you for being Loki and making me smile every day.

When the Sun Fell From the Sky (rosiejonz@gmail.com)

March 10, 2018


The world darkened
The sky was broken
Time collapsed
And hearts were frozen
The moon went dark
The lights went out
The morning never rose
The roses went black
All time froze
Worlds turned to nothing
Pain turned from feeling
We lost ourselves
We don't know why
I just know that
All of this happened
When the sun fell from the sky
In the piece I recently published, TITLES PEOPLE TITLES, I told people to comment and give me a title and I would make what I could of it. So this was rosiejonz@gmail.com's suggestion for a title and I'm making what I can of it. So yeah, I hope y'all enjoyed.

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