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J'ai 18 ans. I like to express what I feel in writings and poems. I do this as a hobby and as a way to relieve stress or just to have fun. To me writing usually calms me down. It gets me into a stable mood and give me a sense of satisfaction.

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Time-A Strange Musing

February 27, 2020


    Time is a weird concept. I heard from somewhere that time is the universe. It is the one word definition for space time continuum. Time does not wait for you. You can’t slow it down. That’s why “time sure flies” is quite true. Since time is an unstoppable force, then theoretically it goes on and on. Then in this case we can relate it to a ruler that is infinitely long.     Time cannot be bent to your will. That’s why it’s an unstoppable force. It like a ruler. A normal ruler can’t be bent. But it can be snapped. Does this mean that we can snap time too?
    Going back to the infinitely long ruler, if we snap it in half, is that the same as us snapping the known and unknown universe in half?
    Would there be two universe now?
    Since time is an unstoppable force, even after we snap it in half, both halves will still go on right?
    On another thought, does time have a beginning or an end? Well we all know that living things have a beginning and an end but time as in the literal time, the time that is the universe.
    Does it have a beginning or an end? We all theorize that the universe’s beginning is the Big Bang. So is Big Bang also the beginning of time? But time is an unstoppable force so it seems weird that it didn’t exist before the Big Bang.
    What was before the Big Bang? Nothing? Even in nothing there probably was time but not the time we know of now as in both I’m counting time and the universe time.
    So then is time the almighty? The transcending single “entity” that will forever and ever exist. But then, everything should have a beginning right? Then what is the beginning of time? Theorizing that there was time before the Big Bang, then was time the reason why the Big Bang happened? Since there was nothing and time only.
    Does that mean that time is our creator? But then time is the universe and we are part of the universe as in we are made of celestial matter. Celestial matter as in from matter of the universe after the Big Bang. Thus we are as old as the universe and that means we are also as old as time. Adding humor to this thought, we are all technically legal to drink if we are old as the universe. Getting back on track,this leads to the question;
    Are we time?
    Are we time trapped in an organic body? What happens after we pass from the organic body. When our organic bodies die, does the time trapped inside die too? Human bodies even after we die, hair and nails grow. That means that time is still there right? Even in the decaying, time is there. Then what does that time do? Would we go on as a separate but still one entity as time or would we join the ‘original’ time?
    Then time is immortal and by extension, we are immortal. But only as time are we immortal.
    We try to number time. We do this to actually put it under our control. But if we are time, then we are only forcing control on ourselves. We are the ones who number our days. But time is an infinite and immortal “entity”. So are we making an illusion that we are not part of time?
    Is time playing with us? Messing with us? But if we are a part of time then that is the same as time messing with itself. This leads back to the question that seems will never have an answer;
    What is time?


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