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i have almost no idea what i write, it happens in a trance, possibly under the influence of music and some orange juice

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This is my first piece of writing that's published here, I want to know how to improve, how to make it more...

Rain Cloud

November 7, 2015

PROMPT: Living People

    There was something ethereal about the thunder, she mused. It was slow, always after lightning, it was comforting, a good indicator on how far the danger of rolling thunder clouds lurked. She used to be scared of those dark clouds, after all, she was born in summer, at noon where the sun shone too brightly. It turns out, the best things happen in the oddest of weathers. She got her first kiss under the pouring rain, oh how his lips tasted like cotton clouds. She was married at the alter while light flashed across the sky like a congratulation, a little 'I bless this marriage' by the Gods. Her first born had arrived while the winds rattled the windows of the hospital room, alost worrisome. She had unorthordoxed love for those clouds and what it brought and what brought it. 

    A child of light, the balance to her soul was found in the dark. 

    She had a mug in her hand, apple tea. She wore a loose yellow sweater and some ugly sweats. Her bun was undone, but it was okay. Her husband was out working and her children at school. She had a day alone to herself, and all she desired to do was to call upon the rain cloud. She had a little secret, a little magic up her sleeve, a little rain song she composed by herself on the grand piano by the fireplace. She liked to think the Gods favoured her song, she played it everytime she missed the rain and they seemed to always answer her with pit-pat, pit-pat.

    She sang of the joy of weeping water, wholesome wind and electic electricity that coursed through her body. Happiness, freedome, love and the little bits that came with it. 



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