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I love writing. Writing can express feelings in many different ways. We can share what we wish without speaking.
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Percabeth-Highschool Nightmares

March 12, 2018


    My name is Percy Jackson. I am a demigod and go to Goode Highschool with Annabeth Chase. What we have been through makes it seem like that Annabeth is my other half that i can't live without. Our breaths, our hearts, our minds, are all connected. I was heading to homeroom when i saw Annabeth with another boy. The boy was flirting with her and Annabeth looked really uncomfortable. 
"I already told you i have a boyfriend!", said Annabeth.
"Well then dump him cause i'm obviously better!", said the boy named Lucifer.
"Never in a million years will i do that"
"Well i could keep you happy and shower you in diamonds and gold"
"But i don't want riches. I JUST WANT PERCY"
Lucifer pushed her against the wall and I saw a tiny tear stream down her right cheek. I hurriedly walked over to her. Neither of them noticed me. Lucifer had grabbed both of Annabeth's hands by the wrists. I walked up behind him and pushed him on the ground-books and person. 
"Hey! What was that for?"
Annabeth ran over, hugged me, and drowned my shirt in tears. I put my arm around her to comfort her.
"That was for hurting MY ANNABETH"
"Your Annabe-wait a minute, you're Percy?"
"Yeah I'm Percy and if you touch her again you better know that my fist will be on your face"
"Yeah right, like you could even hurt a fly"
Percy started to walk to Lucifer but Annabeth put her hand on his chest.
"Percy don't, please"
They left Lucifer sprawled on the floor and walked together to their first class with Mr. Brunner (Chiron). Percy and Annabeth waved to their other friends and sat down together. The desks were set up so two people sit with each other. Jason Grace sat with Piper Mclean, Leo Valdez sat with Calypso (immortal sorceress who has no immortality after leaving her island/prision), Nico Di Angelo next to Thaila Grace, Frank Zhang with Hazel Levesque, and finally Annabeth and Percy. They were learning all about Greek and Roman mythology differences and history stuff. Chiron was secretly disguised as Mr. Brunner and is also their summer camp director. He gave them a choice of either cleaning the camp everyday or attending school so they had picked school. It was the first day of school as well. Percy still looked angry but he glanced in Annabeth's direction and it was worry, not anger in his eyes.
"I'm fine, okay"
"But what if-"
"Don't think about what can happen. Just be glad we're together"
He slipped his hand into Annabeth's under the desk and she squeezed it. Meanwhile, Calypso was making faces and trying not to burst out laughing at Leo who would constantly yell,
Piper was braiding her hair with a rose that Jason had given her. She seemed to have red sparkles come out of the rose but it didn't matter to her. Frank and Hazel were looking at a map of Camp Jupiter and would touch fingers every once in a while. Thaila and Nico were discussing the best ways to prepare for battle and different techniques to defeat a monster. Finally the bell rang and Mr. Brunner quieted down the class. Besides Percy, Annabeth, and their friends, no one else was a demigod in that classroom. At least of their knowledge.
"Okay class, today we will be learning about to ancient figures in Greek and Roman Mythology. Does anyone here know the name of the Mother Earth?"
A few students raised their hands.
"The answer is Gaia"
"Very Good. Can you also tell us the name of the eternal pit of darkness?"
"Tartarus.." said Thaila, after glancing in Percy and Annabeth's direction. No one had ever gone to Tartarus in living memory-except Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. The two demigods went there on their quest and closed the doors of Death after much suffering. It was impossible for them to forget that place and every once in a while Percy would have flashbacks. Percy, for some reason, had been affected by that place a lot more than Annabeth.
"Good Job Thaila. Today our lesson will be based on those two figures."
Any topic that would remind Percy of a memory would lead him to having a flashback. Mr. Brunner, of course already knew this, so he was careful with what he said.
"Tartarus is an eternal pit of horrors and torture that no one in living memory has ever seen. Of course there was two demigods who did in a quest but they did not recover."
The demigods all glanced towards Percy and Annabeth. Percy squeezed Annabeth's hand harder. Annabeth looked at Nico who looked relieved but worried. He used to have a crush on Percy but was free of it now. At least that was what he claimed. Nico had also gone to Tartarus but since he was a son of Hades he could endure more sadness and darkness then other demigods. In fact, he had actually gone alone unlike Percy and Annabeth who had each other.
"Except who Mr. Brunner?", Lucifer asked noticing the glances at Percy and Annabeth.
"Oh that would be a boy named Perseus and a girl named Annabeth"
"Interesting", Lucifer said still looking at Percy and Annabeth.
Mr. Brunner noticed the glances Lucifer was giving the demigods so he quickly asked a question.
"Mr. Skullin can you please tell the class where Tartarus is located?"
"Oh umm..i don't know" said Lucifer red faced and embarrassed.
"Very well. Does anyone else know the answer?"
"Underworld. In the Underworld and deep down where no gods or mortals or demigods would go" said Percy as he stood abruptly. 
"Very good..You can take a seat now Mr. Jackson.." Mr. Brunner said carefully.
Lucifer looked confused and shocked. The other demigods looked worried. Annabeth looked up at Percy who was still standing.
Percy doubled over as if someone had punched him. Everyone scooted away from him.
"It's him. Tartarus."
Percy dropped his pencil like he dropped his sword in front of Tartarus.
"Everyone out of the classroom, NOW!" yelled Mr. Brunner.
Frightened students filed out of the classroom but the demigods stayed like always. Annabeth held Percy's hand while the others sat in a circle around them. Nico went to get water for Percy. Mr. Brunner went outside with the class but stayed by the door.
"Don't worry kids it will be just a minute".
Percy lay unconscious on the floor, his head being cradled in Annabeth's lap. Everyone looked really worried. Nico came back with a cup of water which Hazel splashed drops on Percy's face. Usually that would bring him to conscious but he didn't even stir. Annabeth looked worried. As confused as she was, tears were streaming down her face. Piper comforted her friend like she always did. Jason checked Percy's pulse. It was very faint and unusual. 
"This isn't normal. I don't know what's happening." said Jason.
Annabeth sobbed some more as Hazel and Piper calmed her down. Nico, Frank, Thaila, Leo, and Jason sat around them. Thaila and Nico then got up to go tell Chiron.
"Mr. Brunner!" yelled Thaila.
"Yes my dear. What's the matter?"
"Percy won't wake up we need Apollo!" screamed Nico.
"Okay, okay, guys calm down. Go in the classroom and my my desk there is a water bottle that squirts mist. Use that to create a rainbow and get Apollo down here. Oh and here, take this golden Drachma" said Mr. Brunner as he handed Thaila the drachma.
"Okay thanks" both demigods said in unison as they ran back in the classroom. Mr. Brunner took the class to the library and came back into the classroom. Nico got the water bottle and sprayed mist as Thaila threw the drachma into the mist. It shimmered into golden sparkles and Thaila said,
"O Goddess Iris, show us Lord Apollo from Mount Olympus"
Apollo was sitting on his throne with earbuds in.
"APOLLO!" the demigods screamed in unison.
"AH! Wh-You guys. What's up, Thaila, Jason, heard that you guys went to school."
"Not important! Percy fell unconscious in his flashback and hasn't woken up. It's been twenty minutes and he won't even stir and his pulse is getting fainter by the second and-" Jason said as Thaila secretly blushed.
"And you need my help?"
"Yes please!"
"Be right there" and then the Iris message disappeared.
A moment later Apollo shimmered into golden existence.
"Step aside for the master"
A few demigods just rolled their eyes and backed up a little. Apollo placed his hand on Percy's wrist to check his pulse. 
"Hmm.. i don't think there is much time left for him. We might as well just leave him to-"
"Don't-You-Dare-Say-That" Annabeth said grabbing Apollo's collar.
"You know, i think i'll do that"
Annabeth dropped Apollo and he headed back over to Percy who was still shallowly breathing.
Apollo muttered Ancient Greek sayings and the demigods each prayed to their godly parents to help Percy get better. Apollo placed his hand on Percy's forehead and Percy moved a little. He started to shiver and Annabeth took off her jacket to drape on Percy. Once he stopped shivering, Jason checked his pulse again.
"He seems really cold but his pulse is starting to get-it stopped"
"What?" Annabeth said
"His pulse.."
"No way!" Annabeth pushed Jason out of the way and checked herself. Percy's pulse had stopped.
"No, no.. this can't be happening, no!"
"I'm afraid it is true. My beloved cousin, the great hero, is gone. The fates have chosen." Apollo said.
Annabeth started sobbing while Hazel and Piper comforted her with tears pricking their eyes. Frank and Nico hugged each other which was really rare for Nico and shadows had started coming off of him. Leo had bursted into flames and Calypso was trying to put him out. Apollo stood up and said a prayer for Percy. At that moment, Percy woke up suddenly and looked confused. No one had noticed he woke up yet.
"What happened here? Why are you guys crying?"
Everyone turned towards Percy, their eyes wide with shock. Annabeth fainted right there but Percy got up and caught her just in time.
"Whoa there Wise Girl"
Annabeth's eyes opened to find herself in Percy's arms. She tackled him in a hug and he kissed her forehead as everyone had erupted in cheers. There was tears of joy everywhere. 
"Dude, You almost died. Your pulse had stopped." Jason said as he did his bro-hug with Percy when Annabeth finally pulled away.
"Whoa. I don't remember anything but Ch-Mr. Brunner saying that we were going to learn about Gaia and Tartarus. Must've sprung a memory or something"
"Well, looks like our hero had awoken from his slumber. How are you now sleeping beauty?" Mr. Brunner said rolling into the classroom on his wheelchair.
Everyone busted out laughing and Percy did as well holding Annabeth tight to him.
"Well i'm fine for now but one thing first, Can we have a party at the beach where we can invite the whole school today pleaseeee?"
Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.
"Very well, start the preparations and i'll send in an announcement"
The preparations started and school continued as if nothing happened. Percy enjoyed the rest of his day with Annabeth who he refused to let out of sight.
I wanted to write a Percabeth story because i saw a lot online and i had an idea so yeah. This is after the Heroes of Olympus series. It might help if you guys read the series or at least the last book i guess but i'm fine if you don't. This story is really gonna add more characters so it might be confusing. Also, since they are in high school they are 18 years old except for Nico who is 17 years old.


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  • CreativeAngel

    Oh yeah. Oopsies thanks for reminding me.

    about 3 years ago
  • Eva Farmer

    This is really good except Nico is actually about 90 years old. Remember?

    about 3 years ago
  • CreativeAngel

    IKR! This is the best one yet. Who doesn't ship thm like they're PERFECT for each other. <3

    about 3 years ago
  • camlily

    I totally ship Percabeth

    about 3 years ago
  • camlily

    Holey Cheeseballs I thought Percy had died! But I love this story so much you did an amazing job writing it- I do agree, this is probably one of your best <3

    about 3 years ago