December 19, 2015

PROMPT: Living People

His eyebrows furrowed as he slept. His face laced with discomfort. He despised how his dream of his mother had turned into the bitter memory of his father. The blade fell through the air, more like a butcher's cleaver than a sword; no technique, no skill. Just death. His mother's scream had turned wet, caught, and disappeared like air leaving half-empty bellows. He jerked up from his disturrbed rest. Beads of sweat trickled down, his breath ragged and his chest ached. Running his hand through his hair, he let out a heavy breath. He despised how his father had been his mother's murderer yet had used Benedict as his scapegoat. His breathing steadied as the cool night seabreeze blew in from his cabin's window. He took a big whiff of it. He loved it. 

Hayden loved it all. The night sky, litered with stars, the cool sea breezes which tangles itself in his long,silky ebony black hair. The soothing sound of the waves, like a mother's carress. What he loved most, the silence. Hayden slung his legs over the side of his bed as he pushed himself up. His long hair fell around his face and he caught sight of the lock of blonde hair. Hayden took that locked of hair between his fingers and played with it, the memories of his crew mates and how he had gotten the streak, came flooding back. The corners of his mouth lifted into a small smile. 

His attention snapped up as the wooden door to his cabin opened. "What are you doing here?", his voice was soft yet loud enough to be heard. Keira shrugged in response. She had a baggy men's shirt on which nearly reached her mid-thigh, her pants were not much tighter than her shirt and her boots hugged her feet as she stepped through the door with a box into Hayden's room. A wave of cool air blew through his cabin, her ash brown hair blew in the wind. Hayden's gaze lingered on her, her every movement before focusing completely on the box she held in her hand. 

She noticed this and spoke," This is... it is.. I-i hope you like it." she stuck out her hand which held the small brown paper box and tossed it into his lap simultaniously avoiding his gaze, suddenly feeling lik a fish out of water. Keira had intended to leave it on the table when he had been sound asleep, but she never expected Hayden to be up at such an earthly hour. She thought of dropping it off before going to help Roux in the kitchen. 

Hayden could not help but watch with amusement as the loud, confident and feisty girl who was ever so tough, feel so uncomfortable and out of place. He watched her carefully as she tried her best to regain her composure, which to his dismay she succeeded in, "W-what, do you not want it? I could always take it back you know." He felt the wall being brought back up, he felt it as she stuck her hand out as she waited for him to put the gift back into her hands. "You are foolish to think that I'd return someone something once it is given to me. You do remember that the market is just down at the docks, right? And that anything at Aristal Islands could fetch a decent price? " He pushed to his feet as he picked the flimsy box up and gave her a smirk. 

She knew that the moment she had regain her composure, his raw and real emotions had disapeared along with hers. It seemed that it had been carried out with the breeze. Something about the air around him was not right, he usually oozed with confidence whereas the Hayden who stood before her eyes was barely holding up his smirk. He looked uncomfortable, unsure, devastated and most of all broken. Taking a deep breath, she spoke, "Hayden, are you alright?" Keira's words had no intent of mocking him, he knew that and was in utter shock. Keira had read him like a book, he opened his mouth then shut it after no voice had come out. "Hey," she said it softly as she put her hand on his shoulder. Hayden spun the other way, facing his back to her. He was thankful it was still dark, he was thankful Keira could not see how red his face had been. "I-I think I am just tired." 

"Sorry I had barged into your room and disturbed your rest. Good night." Keira said ever so gently before shutting the door quietly and had dissappearing down the hall, leaving him in silence. The spot where her hand had been was burning, clearing his throat, Hayden picked up the box she had given to him and smiled, the memory of his nightmare drifted away. 


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