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The Crash

November 16, 2015

January 1st
The winter air is cool and the ground covered in a powdering of snow, but my house is warm and cozy. My sister and I get to spend some quality time with each other for once. She goes to a boarding school and only came back on the 24th, Christmas Eve. She has spent most of6 her time hanging out with her friends, not much room for her 15-year-old sister, is there? We are still on Christmas vacation so at least we get to use this day to chill and watch Full House, singing along to the theme song like we always do whenever we get the chance to watch an old show. We are tone deaf, so when my parents walk in the room and tell us to stop, it is no shocker. My mom is still putting on her earrings and my dad is cleaning his glasses with the small rag from his glasses case. They are in a rush, although I could have sworn they had the day off. I guess not, because they yell “Bye Avalon, bye Meg love you!” even though we are right in front of them. They kiss the tops of our heads.
“Love you, too!” we both say back.
They are both dentists, they get called in a lot because they are also oral surgeons. It’s a’ cool job but I would not want to do what they do. They say it can be a very bloody job and although blood doesn’t make me sick, I’d rather do a job where I stay nice and clean.
 “Girls, want to go to the book store today?” our nanny, Malinda, says walking into the room. I’ve known Malinda since I was born she’s like my crazy aunt that lives with me. My sister and I love books and Malinda knows we will reply yes so we just give her a glare and smile. “Okay, well we will go in a half an hour.” she pats my head and messes up my already messy hair.
 “Got it,” I say without taking my eyes off of the TV. Just five minutes later, we are racing upstairs. Meg gets to her room first. “How come you always have to be better at everything?” I roll my eyes, she responds with the usual one-liner.
 “Because I’m older.” I hate losing and I always have, who doesn’t hate losing?
I knock on the door to the bathroom, Meg always gets dressed in the bathroom so she can do her hair and makeup and stuff all at once. It’s a Jack and Jill, and so is our closet. I absolutely hate sharing a bathroom with her. Meg comes out wearing a pink and blue striped maxi dress with blue toms, as always she looks stunning. “You do know we live in New England, right? So, you’re gonna freeze, it’s like 20 degrees outside.” She shrugs me off as she puts on all of her jewelry. We are just going to the bookstore but she always wants to look her best, especially if we run into a guy she likes! I always want to look my best too but on a lesser level. I’m wearing black leggings, a sweater, a scarf and black boots. I still look cute but I’m also dressed for the weather!
Unlike me, Meg has beautiful flowing curly dark brown hair, flawless skin, and bright blue eyes that her hair brings out perfectly! The only similarity is that I have bright blue eyes; of course, her hair makes them look better than my straight, lifeless, dirty-blonde hair that frizzes at just the wrong moment.
            Malinda is going to go to the car and warm it up while we get our coats on. Meg and I have matching pea coats, mine is black and hers is brown. We both grab our phones and head out the door. Every other day we switch who sits in the front. Today it is Meg’s turn. I hate sitting in the back, it’s very claustrophobic and I’m not even a claustrophobic person, normally.
Not only does Meg’s beauty make every boy drool at the site of her, it’s also the fact that’s she’s sweet, nice, and popular. I, on the other hand have a slight attitude, at least that’s what my parents say. I like to be sarcastic, and I like to roll my eyes. I’m fine with having only two good friends, most times.
We pull out of my street. There are a lot of cars on the road today; normally there is no traffic especially at this time of day. It could be because it’s a holiday, but really does anyone even treat New Year’s Day like a holiday, even the bookstore is open. Finally, we make it out, move along in the traffic, and pass through the green light. I don’t see it coming until Meg screams, just before the car barrels into us, it must have swerved from the other side of the road. It must be an accident. It doesn’t matter though, because I feel as if I can’t breathe, if I move, my body will shatter. It’s as if my voice is stuck in my throat. Even if I do scream--no one will hear it. I just want to see what’s happening. If I just turn my neck, maybe I can.
This is the first official chapter in my book, there is a short prolouge beofre this.


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