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semi on hiatus because i have decided i am no writer

because the words 'thank you' aren't enough

March 7, 2018


i was standing with her there, in the sunlight, 
​and she moved closer to me, and I felt her arm brush against mine
​and the warmth of it all, the breezy glow 
​of skin and skin - yet deeper;
​her smile was more than flesh: it was spirit,
​and the pain went away, 
​and she brought the summer days to me - 
​those fresh, raw, painless days of
​exposure and light and easy loving
​and wanting to take the next inwards breath. 
​thirsting after life and my next heartbeat,
​because our laughter paints these streets with gold. 
our footsteps, together, on the cobbles
​are more than drumbeats: they're a symphony.
​well, she gave me everything with that touch
​yet without knowing it - and it was enough to know
​that her friendship could carry me, and
​i could fly - fly in cloudless skies and
​with the light of a thousand suns, forever. 


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  • The Ha

    Wow a beautiful piece

    over 2 years ago
  • blaze126

    I can relate, thank you!

    almost 3 years ago