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Calypso's Mystery

March 7, 2018

    Once upon a time, some children were at a sleepover, bored out of their minds. There was the twins, Sam and Max. Lilian, whose basement they were in. And finally Calypso. She was Lilian’s little sister and she didn’t talk much. Nobody really knew much about Calypso, but when the power went out and she started glowing everyone freaked out.
    “Uhhhhh, Calypso, why are you glowing?” Max asked, kind-of-worried.
    “Who knows?” was the only reply.
                                                                                    20 minutes later
    Now that everybody had gotten over the fact that Calypso glowed, they wanted to tell monster stories. It was Sam’s turn.
    “There is a monster that was so mysterious it has never been given a name. It is told to be lurking in the shadows waiting to be summoned. It is a very ancient soul, but they say whoever can defeat it, it will grant their deepest desires. Awesome, right! We found the tale on Calypso’s bookcase.” Sam said as Max held up an old book.
    “But Max, I’m not so sure we should do that,” Lilian shivered, ”What if something goes wrong?”
    “We’ll be fine Lils,” he said as he opened the book.
“I can’t guarantee that this will work, but I’ll try.” Max gave Sam a look
Sam smiled and nodded his head.
Max began to read, “άγνωστη ψυχή σας προσκαλούμε να δώσετε τις βαθύτερες επιθυμίες μας σε εμάς και να βγούμε από τον υπόκοσμο!”
As he spoke a screeching sound filled the room and all went black. When the lights came back on again only Calypso was left sitting there.
She looked at an ashen spot where they had been sitting and murmured,” They were fools my pet, fools.”  


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