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The Odessian Chronicles: Chapter One

March 6, 2018


Colonel Faraday looked at the man sitting in front of him, who happened to be a Cadet. 

“So, Cadet Benedict,” Faraday said.

”Please, Richard,” Benedict said,”Or you too formal for that?”

Faraday sighed, then slammed his hand in his desk. “Cadet Benedict, I hate disrespectful people, poor listeners, and idiots,” He said.

”What’s that got to do with me?” Benedict asked.

”You are all three,”

Benedict was silent. Faraday pulled a piece of paper out of his desk, and started writing on it.

”You know what thi is Benedict?” Faraday asked, not looking up.

”A promotion form?” 

“Quite the opposite actually,”

Benedict went white. He then jumped out of his chair, and tried to take the form off of Faraday’s desk. He managed to rip it, and started to regain confidence.

Faraday pulled out another form. “I do these things prepared,” He said.

”Listen,” Benedict said,”I’ll get my dad to talk to the General Kleinschmidt, then he’ll punish you!”

”I’ll get the Furhur to execute you,” Faraday said, writing the form. Benedict wasn’t sure he was joking. He then decided to leave, which was probably for the best.



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