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I am a 17 year old student that aims to pursue a career in screenwriting or writing in the future when I grow up. I especially wish to help those who are depressed

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Hoodlums in this world: Those who defy the Head / Covering of the head with hoods

Playing God

November 13, 2015

"I'm dying, Xero..Go..forget me. Just remember one thing.."
"What is it?"
"I..will always"
"Goodbye mother..I love you..too.." 

Xero woke up from his sleep in a gasp, feeling tears on his cheeks, touching his eyes and wiping the remaining droplets away. The dream was so vivid, the memory of his mother and her dying words. He turned to look at his desk, a photo that was crumpled and placed neatly in a frame stared back at him. It was the only picture left of his mother before Earth destroyed everything else. He sighed quietly and got up from his bed, his small robot KR34, nicknamed Tato by Xero for his cute potato looking structure, helping him get his clothes for the day. He had a meeting with the Government about the infrastructure of Kreptos. He looked out of his window and tapped it twice, the dark glass that was activated to block out sunlight in the morning, changing to translucent pale glass for him to look out easily. The world wasn't what it used to be anymore, on Kreptos, it was all very high in technology, cars had no wheels as it merely flew on the roads, of course, it is controlled from going out of the roads, and unlike Earth, there was nowhere to have a farm. Food was made through technology. Xero looked down and noticed some Hoodlums fighting amongst each other on a small alley. He tapped the window five more times and zoomed in to watch. Kreptos was meant to be a compensation for the loss of Earth, everything was meant to be flawless and perfect, with everyone labeled with an ID and given a position in the Hierarchy depending on who they were, who their parents were, and how much Kredons (money) they owned. He sighed as he watched and noticed one particular male dominating the fight. Deciding he had seen enough, he placed his finger on the window panel and slid downwards, zooming out and closing the window, tapping twice and turning the window dark again

Xero walked down and took the elevator, going down to meet the Government. All the Heads and Shoulders were meant to stay in a large building, Zephyr. He brushed his coat to the side and moved over to take his place at the table in the meeting room. “So…what are we meant to discuss today?” asked the right shoulder, Pliekris. Xero calmly put his hands together and thought deeply as he brought out the material and pressed the flat screen on the table and raised his hand, bringing out a hologram of a human. “As you all know, gentlemen. We are the Heads and Shoulders of our society. We do the important things and what is necessary to change the way we used to be. Our goal on Kreptos was to learn from the past and become a society able to thrive without mistakes. However…” he moved his hand and shifted it to the left, “As you see from this,” he showed a panel picture of the fighting in the streets of the Hoodlums, “ We have here, a place that exists in the shadows of Kreptonia. There is clearly a fault in our system—I declare we chang-“ another male stepped up. Mikael, he always disliked Xero, and Xero was clearly aware of that. “Denied, Xero. You cannot be so stupid as to think you could simply change the system we spent years and years developing. You think this system came up so easily and was grown from nothing? You should know better, after all. You are the son of Ukai, one of the founders of Zephyr. Have you learnt nothing from him? You are a disgrace to your family name.” Zion stood up from his seat, “Mikael hold your tongue, you do not need to bring family into this matter.” Xero sighed deeply, of course Mikael would hold discontentment with him, after all, he was the first head. Mikael was second to him, and Zion held the position of the third head. He looked at the Shoulders, Lexis and Pliekris. Everyone was thinking deeply,”but why now, Xero? When this system has been running this way, and those Hoodlums have existed for so long,” Lexis questioned him. Of course the matter would be questioned, he thought for a while, unsure if his answer was enough to get the approval. Xero placed his paper down and looked at them, “I believe that it is never too late to make a change. “ he said firmly and looked at the others, hoping to convince them, “Xero…even if you are the head of the heads, you must understand that your thinking is immature,” Zion quietly said, “Starting a change is a big project that must be thought for a longer period of time before it is put into action. Do you really believe we could destroy the existence of the dark alleys of Dexus?"
This is the introduction and the very first few paragraphs of the novel i have been writing.
The original name was "human gears", and essentially the plot was about how humans are organized and labelled as 'body parts', the Head, being the leader. 

Head, Shoulders, Arms, so on and so forth, there are leaders of each group which forms the general government. 


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