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I love to read and write. Mostly poetry. I am working on a book right now. I usually would write about my life story, I hope you like what I have posted!

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My Friendly Monster

March 7, 2018

The monster hid out under my bed, in the closet, and even in the corner of my room. Hiding in the darkness as I laid there trembling in fear. Monsters are evil and cruel. I always ran to my father once I saw the vileness monster, but he never believed me. "Grow a pair", "Go to bed", and "Be quiet i'm trying to sleep" my dad would say.
    Ever since my mom died My father never even talked to me. I wish I had my family back together. I missed the days when it was Christmas and we made yummy cookies and gingerbread houses. My mom and dad were absolutely in love. I treasured those memories. Never letting them go.
    That one night I couldn't believe it. I saw the terrifying monster. I was outside staring up at the stars and it suddenly appeared. I could barely see it because it was pitch black. My blood runs cold. My body freezes. A low growl coming out of nowhere. Thinking it was the monster I start screaming. My head darts left and I see a big dog. As it growls it's teeth show. I knew it was gonna attack but I was to scared.
    Suddenly the dog lunges at me barking. I held my hand up to my face. I started shrieking. I couldn't believe my eyes, the monster whom I thought was evil jumps up in front of me grabbing the dog by the neck as it whimpers and throws it far. The monster slowly turns around looking at me. It was still dark but I could see icy blue eyes staring at me. The monster's hand slowly meets mine. Maybe monsters aren't so bad. This one actually protected me. I found a new friend and he isn't so bad.


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