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A society without freedom of the press cannot possess all of the qualities needed to form a democratic society. “A democracy ceases to be a democracy if its citizens do not participate in its governance. To participate intelligently, they must know what their government has done, is doing and plans to do in their name. Whenever any hindrance, no matter what its name, is placed in the way of this information, a democracy is weakened, and its future endangered. This is the meaning of freedom of press. It is not just important to democracy, it is democracy.”
-Walter Cronkite


Freedom of Press and Today's Society

March 12, 2018

Reporters Without Borders (RSF), is an international, non-profit organization that is based in France. It defends and protects the rights of the press all around the world. Every year, since 2002, the RSF has published, what they call, the World Press Freedom Index. It ranks 180 countries all over the world based on their freedom of press. After analyzing the charts year after year they’ve found that freedom of the press is on the decline. In 2015 the RSF rated the United States of America (USA, or US) 20th. Last year, in 2017 the USA was ranked 43rd. A crucial thing to know for this article is what Freedom of the Press is. The answer would be the right to report news or circulate opinion without censorship from the government. It allows the press to give the public information that they should know without the threat of it being blocked by the government. So, why the drop?
A lot of it has to do with the obstacles the freedom has faced, or rather the journalists who are “protected” by it. One of these obstacles, is the issue with libel news. In 1964, during the civil war, an ad was published in The New York Times that was soon taken out by the city commissioner, L. B, Sullivan. The ad said that Martin Luther King Jr.’s arrest in Montgomery, Alabama was part of a campaign to destroy King’s efforts. The court ruled that because the ad was of such importance, even though there was false information, it was crucial to the public, that it was just considered an honest mistake. While they agreed mistakes were going to be made, if the press says something untrue about the government, the government can sue the publisher. Although, to actually sue the publisher needs to say that they knew it was libel and acted with “reckless disregard”. The thing is, people see untrue things differently. Somethings are controversial. Like global warming. Some see it as a thing, some don’t. There are things that are untrue, but if nobody points it out, it goes under the radar. Most of this is the libel acts of press by citizens.
 Alison McKenzie stated that, “Communities appear to have forgotten the role of the media in upholding democracy”. And yes, they have. It is ever necessary for people to know what their government is doing because it is their basic right as a citizen in a county. Not only have they forgotten the role of media in upholding democracy, but they have forgotten their role in media. Elizabeth Skewes is the Department Chair of Journalism at the University of Colorado Coulder College of Media, Communication, and Information. She guest starred on the Civics101 podcast episode concerning Freedom of the Press. In this episode she noted, “People need to be aware- especially in a social media era- that libel is something that any of us can do. Libel involves publication to one other person. So again, people who are active on Facebook, social media, need to be aware that what they do has repercussions as well. It’s all of us. Anyone with a cell phone and a twitter account.” I think this is extremely true, and crucial to know. Especially because most people reading this article enjoy writing. We should all know our rights, at least if we are doing non-fiction, or even realistic fiction articles.
In conclusion, we all connect to this freedom, although only 13% of the world’s population gets to enjoy it fully. And that 13% is decreasing! It is crucial we keep the numbers up. Not only so we know what are government is up to, but also so we can keep posting whatever we want on social media (and write the world) without repercussions. So, before you post something, check your facts and rights. And, if you ever are in a position where someone is commending you for saying something libel, or unflattering plead the 1st (or Freedom of Press).
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So like this is an issue... so please take it into account. Also, if anyone could do a peer review for this it would be very much appreciated. 
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    This needs to win. I can tell you put a lot of research into it and it's all very convincing and easy to understand!

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