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I've been writing short stories and poems independently for a while now. In fact, whenever I get the chance, I work on my short stories, for which I use the word "short" VERY loosely. I'm looking forward to seeing your opinions!

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Part 14!!!

Chaos Pacificae (14)

March 29, 2018


[WARNING!!! WARNING, I SAY!!! WARNING!!!: This is the fourteenth installment of this story. If you have been reading this story in order from the beginning, congratulations! This sentence is completely unnecessary for you! If you have NOT been reading these installments in order from the beginning, then this message is for YOU. Yes, you specifically. The person on the other side of the screen, reading what I'm saying as though it were words typed on a screen! Yeah, I'm talking to you! Stop reading what I'm saying at this exact moment and go read the first one! Then, read the second one! Then, read the third, fourth, fifth, and so on, in ascending order, until you get back here. Once you do that, you'll be morally allowed to read this installment.] 
{MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT: "Monarch of Melodies" (may not work on mobile devices)} 
{MUSICAL NOTE (pun not initially intended): This installment will have certain musical cues, as well as one different song to be played. When such a cue occurs, you will see the cues in =these=.}
[OTHER WARNING!!!: The following story contains music and emotions. If music and emotions offend you, I recommend two courses of action: first, go see somebody about that. Second, don't read this. Otherwise, you'll be setting yourself up to be offended by music and emotions. THERE WILL BE MUSIC AND EMOTIONS.] 

    On Forte Minor, within the palace... 

    Pax and Keira were harshly led into the palace. The palace was very regal looking, while still keeping the musical theme of the rest of the world. Everything was decorated in red, gold, and musical notes, and there were instruments everywhere. 
    The two guards that were restraining them directed them to a big, regal-looking door. Two guards that were stationed at the door opened it, and the other guards led them in. 
    They were in some kind of big throne room. There was someone with his back to them near the throne, appearing to be watering some flowers. The guards forced Pax and Keira to their knees. 
    "Your highness," said the guard restraining Pax, "we caught these two troublemakers outside." 
    "One moment please," said the man, who had a deep, aged, ever-so-slightly-Asian-sounding voice, "I have almost finished watering my calendulas." 
    They heard the man using a watering can to water the flowers, then, apparently done, he set the can aside and turned around. 
    This somewhat Asian-looking man was obviously King Sing. Everything about this man seemed... Kingly. He was a rather big person, tall and sturdy. He had grey and orange hair of a kingly length, as well as a kingly beard. He was wearing a regal royal red robe, which must have been tailor-made for his kingly frame. 
    "Now," said the man as he turned around, "what do we have h-" 
    When he saw Pax and Keira, he did a double take. He was expecting common criminals, not... Kids. 
    "Why, these are children!" King Sing said in shock. 
    "They're troublemakers, that's what they are!" said the guard restraining Pax. 
    "These two were rough housing in the streets, and this one," said the other guard (the one restraining Keira), gesturing towards Pax, "smashed a drum set." 
    "Accidentally-OWOWOWOW!" Pax began to say. He was cut off because the guard that was restraining him started pulling his arms back further than they're supposed to go. 
    "Quiet, you!" said that guard. 
    "Ludwig, stop that!" King Sing ordered. "Can't you see you're hurting him?" 
    "He's a troublemaker!" said the guard, who's name must have been Ludwig. 
    "He is a child!" King Sing snapped. "He probably didn't realize that what he was doing was wrong!" 
    "Permission to interject?" Pax asked meekly. 
    "Denied," Ludwig said harshly, tightening his grip on Pax's wrists ever so slightly. 
    "Granted," said King Sing, much to Ludwig's shock. 
    "What?" said Ludwig. 
    "He was asking ME, Ludwig," said King Sing, glaring at Ludwig. "I'd like to know what he has to say." 
    "We actually knew exactly what we were doing, but-" 
    Pax was interrupted when Ludwig started pulling again, harder this time. 
    At this point, King Sing was infuriated. 
    "Ludwig!" King Sing barked, his voice laced with rage. "Stay your hand, or I shall have it removed!" 
    As soon as King Sing said that, Ludwig's eyes widened. 
    "Please, not the capital punishment!" Ludwig pleaded, truly terrified. 
    Ludwig lessened his grip, much to Pax's relief. 
    Keira was a bit confused, though. 
    "...I thought death was the capital punishment," Keira questioned, confused. 
    "I don't believe in executions," King Sing explained. "You can't learn your lesson if you're not alive to learn it. The worst punishment a criminal can receive here is losing a hand. That makes most instruments impossible to play." 
    Keira had to think for a moment, but soon, she made the connection. Forte Minor was a world that was entirely musical, so being unable to make music would be a horrible fate. It would be like a runner losing a foot, or a marksmen losing an eye. 
    "Clever," said Keira sincerely. 
    "Thank you," King Sing replied sincerely. "Now, you two have admitted to committing the crimes of public rough housing and destruction of public property. However, since you are only children-" 
    "Hey, we're sixteen!-OWOWOW!!!" Keira began before the guard restraining her began to do the same thing that Ludwig was doing to Pax just moments before. 
    "Wolfgang!" King Sing said in a way that said "I'm warning you" without saying those words. 
    That guard, whose name must have been Wolfgang, immediately lessened his grip. 
    Huh, Keira thought to herself, I got the good one. That's a first. 
    "Since you are both still YOUNG," King Sing continued, emphasizing his correction, "I have decided to show a bit of mercy. Rather than the usual punishment of two years of imprisonment, you shall get one year." 
    "WHAT?!?!" Pax and Keira exclaimed simultaneously, shocked. 
    A whole year in prison?! Pax and Keira happened to think simultaneously. 
    "Okay, this is shaping up to be a REALLY stressful birthday!" Pax exclaimed. 
    "Wait," said King Sing, a bit surprised, "today is your birthday?" 
    "Yes, your kingliness," said Pax. "Hers, too." 
    Did I really just say "kingliness"? Pax thought to himself. That's not even a real word! 
    "And you both are turning 16?" 
    "Yes, your kingliness." 
    Gah, I said it again! I guess I've gotta stick with it now. 
    King Sing was silent for a few moments, appearing to be in deep thought. They couldn't really tell, but a faint glimmer of recognition had briefly appeared in King Sing's eyes. 
    "...Guards," said King Sing, "release them." 
    "You're highness, th-" Ludwig began. 
    "Release them!" King Sing commanded, more forcefully this time. 
    The guards obeyed. Ludwig was much more reluctant to do so than Wolfgang, but he still obeyed. 
    "Return to your patrol," said King Sing. 
    "But, your highness," said Ludwig, "we can't just-" 
    "Ludwig!" King Sing snapped. "Are you as deaf as your namesake? You will obey your king's orders!" 
    "Your highness, I don't trust them." 
    "C'mon, Ludwig," said Wolfgang. "Why can't you ever just give someone the benefit of the doubt?" 
    "They're criminals!" Ludwig argued. "For all we know, they could be plotting to harm the King once we leave!" 
    "Ludwig. They're teenagers. What could a couple of teenagers possibly do to King Sing?" 
                =pause the music=
    There is dead silence for a moment, almost as if it were a pause for reactions to the irony of the question. 
                =start the music again= 
    "...I still don't trust them," said Ludwig. 
    "Not even him?" said Wolfgang, gesturing towards Pax. 
    "Why should I trust HIM?" 
    "Have you SEEN what he's wearing? The kid's obviously a Candaran. You remember that vacation on Candara Prime we had with Uncle Presley?" 
    "That was ten years ago, Wolf." 
    "Candara Prime hasn't changed in over twenty years," Pax interjected. "At least, that's what Padre La Paz says." 
    "You know La Paz?" Ludwig and Wolfgang said in unison. 
    "He's my adoptive dad." 
    Ludwig was a bit stunned. 
    "...Okay, now I trust him," Ludwig said finally. 
    Then, Ludwig walked out. Wolfgang walked to Pax and put his hand on Pax's shoulder. 
    "You shoulda led with that, buddy," said Wolfgang. "La Paz is a total saint." 
    Then, Wolfgang walked out to meet Ludwig, leaving Pax, Keira, and King Sing in the throne room. 
    "I apologize for Ludwig," said King Sing once the guards had left. "He can be rather stubborn and overprotective at times." 
    "It's alright," said Pax. "It's not the most unpleasant thing that's happened to us today." 
    "Not even close," Keira remarked, remembering the spider caves. 
    She shuddered as she thought of that again. 
    "I'm guessing you're thinking about the, uh, 'sticky situation' on Coronet Iota?" Pax asked, noticing Keira shudder. 
    "Uh huh. That was horrifying. If I never have to see that place again, it'll be too soon." 
    King Sing then cleared his throat to get their attention. 
    "There is still a pressing matter at hand," said King Sing. 
    King Sing then started stroking his kingly beard in thought. 
    "I take it you two are Pax and Keira?" King Sing asked. 
    "...How did you know our names?" Keira asked, suspicious. 
    "And I am assuming Mr. Linden sent you here?" King Sing asked, ignoring Keira's question. 
    "You know Linden?" Pax asked. 
    "Of course. I've known him since he was a little boy! He always loved traveling, as well as pulling practical jokes on the other kids." 
    King Sing then let out a big, hearty, kingly laugh, enjoying that fond memory. 
    "Ah, anyway, there is still the matter of your crimes. Normally, I would not be willing to change my punishment, no matter who you are. However, I believe there is something else you could do..." 
    King Sing then walked towards a big window, looking out over his kingdom. 
    "Being the king is a very difficult job," King Sing began. "There is much responsibility put on a king's shoulders. Recently, this job has been keeping me occupied a bit too much. I haven't been able to leave this palace in about a week now. I haven't been able to do the things I enjoy most, such as taking walks through my kingdom, chatting with the townspeople, and, most of all, just sit and listen to the music." 
    King Sing then walked back to his throne and sat down in it. 
    "Now, I am hoping that perhaps you two may be able to aid me with that last one. If you can play a song for me that I enjoy, I will let you go free." 
    Neither Pax nor Keira was particularly thrilled about this deal. 
    "...Wait, hang on a second," said Pax. "That doesn't sound like a very fair deal. If we fail, we get locked up. If we succeed, we leave empty handed. Either way, we're at a disadvantage." 
    "I'm sorry, but that is my only offer," said King Sing. 
    Keira wasn't having it. She began to approach King Sing, clearly ready to fight, when Pax pulled her back. 
    "Keira, let me handle this, please," Pax requested. 
    "Ugh, fine, whatever," said Keira, rolling her eyes. 
    Pax then took a step towards King Sing. 
    "Your Kingliness, I have another proposition for you," Pax said. 
    "Do you now?" said King Sing with a little smile, ever-so-slightly amused. 
    "Yes. You are often called the Monarch of Melodies, I've heard. Is that true?" 
    "Indeed. I am called that because there is very little music that I haven't already learned to play." 
    "Well, what if I were to play a song that you haven't learned to play yet?" 
    "Then I would have to be dreaming, because there are very few such songs in existence! However, I believe I see where you are going with this... Very well. If you can play a song that I have not already mastered, I will aid you on your adventure. Do we have a deal?" 
    "Deal," said Pax with a confident smile. 
    "Uh, Pax?" said Keira, grabbing Pax's arm. "A word?" 
    Keira then pulled Pax to the side. 
    "Are you sure about this?" Keira asked in a slightly hushed tone. 
    Pax, rather than giving an actual answer, just shrugged, making that sound that says "I don't know" without saying the actual words. 
    "Have you ever even played a musical instrument?" Keira asked. 
    "...No, but I know how to." 
    "Oh, you have got to be kidding me," Keira muttered, doing that pinching-the-bridge-of-her-nose thing again. 
    "Oh, that reminds me!" said King Sing. "If you're going to play a song, you'll need instruments." 
    King Sing then clapped his hands twice, and curtains on the surrounding walls opened up, revealing all kinds of musical instruments! 
    "Pick what you'd like." 

            =stop the music= 

    Pax took a little walk around the room, sifting through his options. Both King Sing and Keira were silent as he did this, watching in curiosity, wondering what he would choose. 
    I've never seen so many musical instruments in one place before, Pax thought to himself. So many options! What to choose, what to choose... 
    He tried playing a little bit on a few of them to see if he wanted those. He did a trill on a xylophone, a short trumpet fanfare, and a little flute riff. 
    He ended up going to a cello. He picked up the bow and started playing it a little. He played each string, then, a look of confusion on his face, he played one of the strings again. 
    "...King Sing? I think the D string on this cello is out of tune." 
    "...You're right. It most certainly is. You have a rather good ear for pitch." 
    Pax kept moving. Eventually, he decided to go to the grand piano, which, conveniently, was in a place where both Keira and King Sing could easily see him playing. Pax sat down at the piano bench, stretched his fingers a little bit, and put his hands on the keys... 
    ...A few moments passed without any sound. 
    What should I play? Pax wondered. It's gotta be something that King Sing hasn't learned to play yet... I guess I'll just start playing and see what happens. 
    So, that is exactly what he did. He started playing to see what happened
    The piece he played was a haunting ballad, and he had no idea how he knew it. He just started playing it. 
    Midway through the second line, Pax started sniffling, tearing up a little. Keira was also starting to do the same. Even King Sing was sniffling a little. Pax, noticing the others starting to cry, slowed down a little bit, becoming slightly hesitant with his playing. 
    "Keep playing," Keira whispered to him, her eyes still watering a bit. 
    Pax nodded, sniffed, and continued playing. 
    =stop the music= 
    When Pax finished the song, he and Keira were both crying a little. Then, suddenly, King Sing burst into tears, full-out bawling. 
    ...It was a rather sad and strange sight. 
    Eventually, King Sing was able to compose himself a little bit. 
    "Where, <sniff>, where did you learn that song?" King Sing asked, still sniffling. 
    "I don't know," Pax answered quietly, still sniffling as well. 
    "That song... That melody... Could it be...?" 
    King Sing got quiet. 
    "...The Ballad of Adamant Tears?" King Sing said quietly. 
    "...Is that the song I was just playing?" 
    "Yes, Pax... After all these years, that is the only song that I could never fully play. No matter how hard I tried, I would always dissolve into tears midway through the second line... And you played it so smoothly, so flawlessly, without ever having seen it before..." 
    That glimmer of recognition appeared in King Sing's eyes again, staying there this time. 
    "Well, you won our little wager, and your choice of songs proves to me that you are the Pax and Keira I was told to wait for. So, I shall aid you on your quest..." 
    King Sing awkwardly shifted in his throne a little. 
    "...Er, how exactly shall I be of assistance?" 
    "Oh!" said Pax, his tears having cleared up. "We need to know where to go next." 
    "Hopefully somewhere where people can actually tell us what's going on, instead of saying that the 'Cryptic Code' forbids it," said Keira. 
    "You know about the Cryptic Code?" King Sing asked, a little stunned. "Good, that makes this much easier. So, as you know, I am not allowed to give you information. Only a destination. Where have you already gone?" 
    "Candara Prime, Lucida Major, Calibri Delta, Castillar Theta, Coronet Iota, and here, Forte Minor," said Pax, counting the worlds on his fingers. 
    King Sing began to stroke his kingly beard again. Then, he sighed. 
    "It would seem that your journey is about to pick up the pace significantly. Your next destination should be Helvetica-7, to find a man named Victor. He should be able to help you. However... You two look like you have been through a lot today." 
    "You have no freaking idea," Keira said slowly, thinking about how nuts their day had been. 
    "What's more, Helvetica-7 is a rather dangerous world, and once you go there, there is no turning back. So... Why don't you take a break for a while? Go to a more... Friendly world?" 
    "Okay, any suggestions?" Pax asked. 
    "Hmm... How about Perpetua Zeta?" 
    "Uh, what's that?" said Pax, worried. "What kind of world is that? I'm sorry, but on the last world we went to, we were mugged by a spider. I don't wanna go in blind anymore." 
    "This'll sound kinda crazy coming from me," said Keira, "but you don't have to worry about this one. Perpetua Zeta is the mall of the multiverse, the biggest shopping district there's ever been!" 
    "...So, a bunch of stores and stuff?" 
    "Huh. That doesn't sound too bad. Just one problem." 
    "Let me guess," said King Sing, "you don't have any money." 
    "Yup," said Pax. 
    "We've been mugged twice today," said Keira, "and both times, we didn't have any money to give the muggers. It's kinda embarrassing, to be honest." 
    "Well, I am a king, am I not? I believe I can help you with that." 
    King Sing got up, walked to Pax and Keira, and handed each of them a small pouch. The pouches contained money (obviously). 
    "There. That should hold you for a while. Now, off you go!" 
    Pax and Keira took out their meteor gifts, and stood closer to each other. 
    "Wait!" King Sing said suddenly. "Before you go, there is something else I must ask of you. It is customary that whenever someone visits Forte Minor, I learn what kind of music they like. So, what is your favorite genre of music?" 
    Without hesitation, both Pax and Keira responded, in unison: 
    Pax and Keira then looked at each other, surprised. 
    "You like jazz?" they asked in unison. 
    "Well!" said King Sing. "It would seem that you two share your taste in music! That is a very good thing if you two are going to be traveling together so much. Well, off with you!" 
    "Thank you, King Sing," said Pax. 
    King Sing gave Pax a respectful nod. 
    "Chaos Pacificae!" they shouted in unison. 
    Then, light enveloped them, and Pax and Keira both disappeared! 
    King Sing sighed. 
    "It's almost time..." 

To be continued... 
Part 14! The end of the Forte Minor arc! Pax and Keira were able to get King Sing to help them, after appealing to his better nature (and making him cry with a haunting ballad). What may happen next? Find out next time, whenever the next installment is, well, installed! 

Also, for anyone who has cameos coming up, I have not forgotten. 

Fudge, I really need that Helvetica crash course soon... 

You know what? It's late. I'm not gonna bother with the scroll troll. I'll just leave it as it is. 


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