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I am a 17 year old student that aims to pursue a career in screenwriting or writing in the future when I grow up. I especially wish to help those who are depressed

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Hello. I write based off a lot of events that really occur to me, and most of the time I do my best to translate it into my poems and stories, as a form of venting and escape from the reality of pain. I like to think that people can enjoy my works and feel my world from my perspective through my writing.
Thank you to anyone who has read my works so far
I do hope you continue to support and give your reviews so that I may improve upon myself.

Thank you very much

Last Breath

November 6, 2015


Save your last breath for me
When you close your eyes and remember our tree
Where we carved our names and drew a heart
That was when our relationship would start

Tired and old you are,
as you lie on the hospital bed, 
dreaming of becoming a star,
I dread the day i'll see you dead.

I will never forget our promises of love
to stay together in sickness and in health is what we told God above.
I will never leave you alone here in the dark
I shall be your light, your bright little spark.

So while you're peacefully closing your eyes to rest
I want you to know that i feel blessed
To have known you for all these years
Of course i will shed some tears

                       As you leave me now, and leave me forever
                       I heard you last breath, your last whisper.
                       I love you.


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  • raiyabb


    about 3 years ago
  • raiyabb

    Hello fellow Singaporean!! Nice work here :)

    about 3 years ago