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I am a 17 year old student that aims to pursue a career in screenwriting or writing in the future when I grow up. I especially wish to help those who are depressed

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Any form of comment will make me happy, i'm still not done with this piece of work so any comment as to how to improve my style of writing, or grammar, etc, would be great!


November 7, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt

There is no such thing as a pure, beautiful life. The world is filled with liars, selfish and greedy creatures, where everything is for the sake of oneself. Survival? No. It is no longer the thought of survival that crosses our mind when we eat a meal in an expensive restaurant. One must use others as a stepping stone to gain a higher position in society. Yes, our society is a dirty fraud where truth can be buried with money. If i had a color to describe how disgusting the world is right now, yes..It would be Black. This world, in my eyes, is pitch black.

Rewind to 8 years ago, when I was just a child attending Primary school, the period in life where a child is supposed to undergo a beautiful childhood, make friends, have small fights and arguments, make peace and have fun. The perfect image of childhood where roses and laughter and sparkles while running together with friends were supposed to appear! 

Supposed to.

I attended a local primary school, naive, innocent, gullible to anything and everything. My hair tied up in twin ponytails and my chubby cheeks gave me the nickname of "apple." Sure, i had red cheeks and i puffed up everytime I went running around. But is it normal to find mashed up apples and apple juice being poured down your school bag? Is it normal to come back to your desk after lunch to find messages of hatred and disgust written all over your desk and even on homework? Is it absolutely perfectly fine to be hit on the head with the edge of a plate? Is it absolutely positive extremely alright to be pushed into a toilet stall and having water poured all over your head and also being blamed for theft? Oh yes it is absolutely positively perfectly extremely definitely alright to find that the whole school knows who i am because of all the strange rumors floating around? 

"Oh that girl? I heard she ate a tadpole...ew. I also heard that she stole.."
"Ah!! That's the girl all the teachers are talking about in the staffroom, you know, the problem child?"
"Hey that person over there apparently she stole $100 from some rich girl...poor her. She must be poor to have done that."
"You know what? She apparently drinks from the pond with all the fish and poop." 

UNFORGIVEABLE. I applaud childish imaginations. 

This all girl's school, filled to the brim with dirty, lying, hormonal, gossipping monsters, became my biggest nightmare. No frankly speaking i don't think that anybody has the right to bully other people no matter how weird or disgusting they may appear. It was a battlefield everyday, going to school and trying to just hide away from plain sight so that i could just study and live life to the best of my ability, but you know, everybody has a limit to their patience. Especially children. 

"Hey. All of you believe i ate a tadpole, and that i buried a koi with these two pair of hands right? about i do a live demonstration and i eat this foul smelling egg that has been rotting inside vinegar. Hm? Or would someone else like to volunteer? Oh! How about you? Erin? Or what about you, Michelle?" I held the egg in my hand and approached the ones whom i know started the rumors. To be honest, i did not have any intention to eat the egg, nor did i seek to force them to eat it. My ulterior motive was to just scare them away, to make them leave me alone, maybe even gain some apologies. "No volunteers? Then, how about i make all of you have a sip of this lovely pond water i just refilled this morning? It's very refreshing, especially with the poop floating around. The extra vitamins won't hurt," I said, in a tone so cold that i made Brenda cry, as i pushed the bottle towards her mouth, spilling some all over her uniform, with no regret whatsoever. "You want to cry? Do you have the right to cry? You're the mastermind behind the milk and cheese that was found in my bag on Friday," i pressurized her and forced her into a fit of tears and apologies, i was filled to the brim with satisfaction before the sound of running echoed in the hallways as a few students disappeared to call for a teacher.

The next moment and i was face to face with the principal.

"I've heard a few complaints from the teachers about.." BLAH BLAH BLAH. This Principal acted as if she knew everything that was going on in her school. If she's the head of the school, she should do something about the lack of discipline amongst her senior students, especially those stuck up snotty prefects who acted as if they ruled the world. How could someone who lacked awareness be the head of my school? My school is a Religiously inclined Catholic school, to boot. One moment the students are praying and repenting for their sins, the next moment they are pulling my hair and calling me names. Honestly, i had never seen a more two-faced environment in the short few years of my life. "Are you listen, Miss Rimu? Am i talking to a wall? Excuse me? What do you have to say for yourself young lady-" I look up at the Principal and give her a smirk, a defiant face that held no sense of remorse. "OFF TO DETENTION, YOUNG LADY!"

Young lady? Really? I couldn't help but snort as i walked off to face my detention penalty.

Ahhh, hello Detention, i knew i'd see you eventually. 

It really boosted my "popularity", now everyone knew me as the girl who has to sweep all the classrooms after school. Yes, my punishment was to go around every single classroom every single day, to sweep up their floors and clean their whiteboards and arrange their tables. I officially earned the nickname of "maid", as i went around doing my rounds of cleaning, i would sometimes hear jeering from students who stayed back to study or hang around. 

Now, there was this really popular trend in primary school where people would wet tissue papers and throw them up onto the ceilings where they would stick, harden, and stay up there for eternity until someone came along to clean them up. I remember being blamed and scolded by my form teacher for being the culprit, when i knew it was actually Michelle and Stephanie. Someone please explain to me just how do teacher's work? Do they just assume that everything their student says is correct and then proceed to scold the student? Aren't they supposed to look at the opinons of both parties before proceeding to make the decision on who is at fault? I suppose not, since I was already looked down upon, I suppose the teachers would obviously assume it was me. After all, Michelle was one of the top students in the level, why would she 'stoop so low', right? Thus, once again i have been wronged.

Personally I find the wrath of females rather frightening. Once you're the target of a few of them, they would team up against you, and you would be their target of ridicule. But, isn't it also silly? It's like saying that they can't single handedly destroy my pride. Anyhow, I found myself winding up in many of their little schemes, such as being blamed for stealing expensive multi-colored pens, taking people's wallets, bad mouthing teachers, writing hate notes ( which was totally not written with my handwriting ) and whatnot. Mind you, it was a Catholic school, so things such as 'Hate notes', 'Death wishes', 'Emo poems', would always be confiscated if reported, and then the student would end up in the counsellor's office of doom. 

Yes. The counsellor, i really have to thank that woman for leading me towards the bright shimmering DARKNESS of my future. Thanks to her, I'm scarred for life with the thought that counsellors would never ever help me positively in life. Well, of course that would be disrespectful to other good counsellors out there that exist in this world but until the day i meet a good counsellor, i believe this opinion shall stand firm.

'What did she do to hurt you so much', 'Why would you say that she was just trying to help!', 'You're being rude to all the counsellors in the world! She isn't that bad right?' 

Thank you for asking, well. This woman, you see, had the pride of Mount Even greater! The moment i had stepped into her shining office filled with stuffed toys and stress balls and notebooks, I felt the premonition of a great destruction about to occur. "Hello Dearie~~~ Sit down!! I heard you were a problem child from your form teacher and the principal, i am here to help you!" Yes, a normal greeting with a creepy broad smile, and the invitation to sit on the fluffy pink sofa. All was well, i replied with a nod and sat down willingly, quietly looking up at the consellor's face. "My, so i've heard you've done plenty of awful things in the school hm? What led you to doing such horrible things? It's such a shame a girl such as you would turn out to be so terrible...i feel sorry for your parents...however! No matter! I shall fix you! So you won't have to worry about yourself one bit okay honey pie? Just relax and leave yourself to me~", she dared to say. I was on the verge of snapping the pencil in my hand, and shredding the sheet of paper she had given me to write down a 'reflection' on myself. "Sorry, but i would have to decline...i think i am perfectly fine..." I said, but as i did, her bright happy facial expression had changed to a sour, spiteful and disgusted one. "I am offering you help and you are refusing to accept it? What sort of thank you is this? What sort of parents have raised you to becoming such an awful child? I assure you that you can change but what do i get in exchange? A no? And do you know that that tone you just used was awfully cold, missy? It is no wonder your teachers have also told me that you lack friends in this holy school." 

Any resemblence to living beings is purely coincidental

This is fictional. Please don't get hurt or insulted :(

Also, it's extremely exaggerated on purpose.

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