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I am a 17 year old student that aims to pursue a career in screenwriting or writing in the future when I grow up. I especially wish to help those who are depressed

Message from Writer

Hello. I write based off a lot of events that really occur to me, and most of the time I do my best to translate it into my poems and stories, as a form of venting and escape from the reality of pain. I like to think that people can enjoy my works and feel my world from my perspective through my writing.
Thank you to anyone who has read my works so far
I do hope you continue to support and give your reviews so that I may improve upon myself.

Thank you very much

The Stars Shine Brighter Than

November 6, 2015

PROMPT: Child Narrator

Daddy told me i was a failure because i only scored 56 on a Math test. I know i'm just a disappointment for Daddy and Mommy because sometimes when i wake up at night, i hear them drinking some yellow sparkling liquid, and talking downstairs about how they wished i was a boy instead of a girl, how they wished i was smarter and less stupid, how they wished i was stronger so that i could help out on Daddy's rice plantation field...Yeaaah. I know i'm a failure. Oh and also, every night before i sleep, i look at the glow-in-the-dark stars in my room and somehow i kinda wish they were real. Because you see, where I live, its really hard to see the stars at night, especially with all the smoke and stuff. Yet, no matter how little my stars glow, it still shines brighter than my future.
"Get up, Xiao An!!" I wake up in the morning to mommy screaming for me downstairs, and ugh must she ALWAYS be so noisy in the morning? I put on my cute Winx Club socks and fold up the blankies for my bed, and change into my school uniform as per normal every boring weekday. The glow-in-the-dark stars have lost their shine, taken over by the light of day, but i know that my stars will never fail to shine at night. Mommy and Daddy don't understand some stuff, and i sort of think that they're a little bit silly, but i believe that...sometimes, the brightest things aren't always found in the surface ,in the light, but in the dark instead. I think i could be a star, secretly i'm shining really brightly and my future is definitely awesome but i think Mommy and Daddy just can't see it yet. But I guess they will someday, and that someday will be when i shine brighter than my stars.  

"Yeah yeah, I heard you!! i'm coming down Mommy!!!!" 


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