Stewart Worthington


I write when I find the time - and sometimes when I don't have any at all.

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February 5, 2016


There are many things in this world,
Things are straight and things are curled.

There are times of light and others of dark,
Some words can hurt and leave a mark

Life will come and life will go,
Some say yes and some say no.

Some dreams come true and some do not,
Some fruits are fresh while others rot.

The sky is blue and sometimes grey,
He left but I will stay.

Some can sing and others can dance,
Some won't try, but take the chance.

But whoever you are, this baby of mine,
You'll be okay, you'll be just fine.

I know that I am all I can give,
but I will love you no matter how you live.

If you're straight or curled,
Lost in this world,

If you sing or dance,
And when you can't take the chance,

I am here till the very end,
I'm here for you, my dearest friend. 

Now come to the world, don't be afraid
We'll sit together, in the peace of the shade.

Come witness these many things,
Come see what our new life brings. 



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