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started out in a small town still in that small town. 13 years old and feeling lucky! i love anyone and everyone who do all that they do no matter what it is or who they are. love you all :) i serve the lord and i will until they day i go home.

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i hope this is not too intense. i wrote exactly 299 words. comment below whether i should create more like this or maybe a prequel and a sequel. :)

The Monsters Within

March 5, 2018

"You can't do anything right!" he yelled. I slumped down onto the floor and fought back tears that were threatening my eyes. He was right. I could never do anything right . Even though my parents have divorced he still threatens us. Whenever I go to visit him he always tells me it is my fault. And I believe every word. After a few minutes he was called away by the officer. "Thank god" I thought. The visitation was over and I was free to leave. I walked past the shattered glass remains of where I dropped my glass. my ghosts were coming back to haunt me. i felt a rage deep inside me i knew i could never release on this world again. I hated going home, that house was haunted and we had plenty of proof. i had the scars from where i knew my big brother tormented me. as we walked inside, i walked down to the basement to let her out. i don't mean a dog, i mean my demon. i walked over to the punching bag hanging in the middle of the room and whispered her name. the lights swirled around me before i saw through her hideous six eyes. i scratched and clawed at the bag and then used her razor claws to cut it in half. she whispered my name and i was back in my own body again. i wrapped the gloves around my hands and began to rapidly throw punches at the poor punching bag. i was gonna let the man who wronged my mother see the real demon hiding within me. it was time to show him i was no longer a prisoner to his anger. i was absolutely determined to let him see that crazy monster within me.


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  • Rylee Hunter

    thanks for the feedback! having trouble with my computer doesn't want to do the shift key. so i had to use caps lock and i missed a few. i will write a sequel if you want. i can finish it and also write alternate endings. :)

    about 4 years ago
  • Marerider

    I like this! Nice job! It would be interesting to hear about what happenes next!

    about 4 years ago
  • ShadowsAlive

    This is really good! Just work on capitalization

    about 4 years ago