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Tangled Emotions

April 10, 2018


Two balls of yarn. That was us.
Apart, never connecting, wrapped around our own small world.

A purple ball. A blue ball.

Until one fateful September day, me, a dark mess of myself, unraveling, I caught myself on your beautiful aqua string. 
As time passed, our yarn moved in harmony. We twisted and spun ourselves into an adorable friendship bracelet.
We alternated, complimenting each other's color. Purple, blue, purple, blue,

We created a galaxy of each other.

More time passed. We couldn't let go of each other, refusing to return to our simple solids. We continued to spin. 

                and spin,
                                      and spin.

We hadn't realized it until we were done. We stopped moving when we realized: our synchronizing crafted a magnificent crocheted heart. My string weaved through yours, as yours did mine. We were no longer a galaxy, but a universe of each other. Purple, blue, purple, blue, purple, blue.

We spun more and more hearts. It was so much fun! Spinning, twisting, weaving heart after heart together. We never wanted to stop. We just loved seeing our colors mixing and matching. No other ball of yarn could come close to us. 

But then the purple ball stopped moving, while the blue kept on. We were running out of string. We got so caught up in each other we somehow forgot ourselves. I tried to get you to stop, I didn't want your string to end. But you kept going, spinning and spinning, overflowing with pure happiness. 

Our strings got tangled. I started moving away to keep us clean but you continued to wrap yourself around me, and now we're both stuck. 

Our masterpiece looks like a trainwreck now. No more of that clean friendship bracelet. No more of those sweet yarn hearts we made. Just a tangled, messy ball of purple, blue, purple, blue. I fear it's because of me. 

You were excited to keep going. You were willing to run out of string as long as it was with me and we finished our chain of hearts gorgeously. But I had to stop. I was so scared of messing up or running out of my own string, that you had to tangle yourself around me to move us along.

You think we can still fix it, and I love that about you. But I'm afraid we can't. We've stopped moving, because we're trapped in our own entanglement. It's my fault we're in this mess. I want you to be able to keep moving, even if it means moving without me in the weave. 

I want you to keep moving.
I want you to keep moving.
I want you to keep moving.

So please keep moving,
keep moving after I've cut my string
and freed you.  


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  • omicron7889

    This is such a wonderful piece and the imagery is just...sublime.

    over 2 years ago
  • JediKnightGirl

    I can't even tell you how beautiful this is. This is an absolutely amazing metaphor and has so much meaning and so much heart, and the selflessness shown at the end, for your love of the other person, that's just really really beautiful so thank you for writing this because I'm glad I read it.

    over 2 years ago